Locked out of Facebook

Just recently I was locked out of my facebook account. Supposedly for my own good, makes sense right. But now they won’t send me the text code to reactivate it. Who knows why, as of recently I’ve been more outspoken regarding all this nonsense.

They also just took down my ‘Depopulation podcast’ from Youtube. And then a day later I’m blocked, for a reason they haven’t told me yet. Coincidence? Doubtful. Even though Facebook and Google don’t exactly work together, they do. They’re on the same team.

This post right here could very well be taken down or at least censored. Who knows. We know that Facebook owns IG, and Google owns YouTube. So different businesses but still they believe in censorship and agree you should only hear their truth – same as the news. Which is far from reality.

Here’s why this is a good thing. This is forcing me to use another platform. In fact we’ve already uploaded over 1,000 videos from the last 10 years to a different video platform called Odysee which is less censored or not at all. And then many have heard of Rumble, again not censored.

Through all the censorship, what they are doing is forcing people away from their own platforms which gives them less power. A good thing if you ask me.

I’ve also started a Telegram account and have started using that, and I’ve been procrastinating getting on Clubhouse as well. All owned by different companies. Which is another good thing, which gives the great forces of FB and IG less market share. And we’ve been on Tik Toc for a while now too.

I also have newsletters we send out regularly that I plan on putting more time and effort into, along with my podcasting platform which is mostly an entirely different audience.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the silver lining. But the truth is, I feel these companies are shooting themselves in the foot. More and more truth will come out, and when that happens more people will be looking at different platforms, and when that happens, we’ll already be there waiting.

This is what happens when you have absolutely zero loyalty for your people and only dictatorship. They’ll find a new place to go and what are you left with? A platform that turns into Myspace…