Lower Back Program

Something I haven’t been super public about, because I didn’t feel really comfortable talking about: I had really bad back issues for more than two years in excruciating pain, chronic pain. I went through medication, I went through considering surgery. It was a really difficult time in my life and I suppose I didn’t really feel like talking about it because I wasn’t out of the woods yet.

But I am happy to say that I am. It was a car accident that initiated most of the pain and discomfort, so I had a bulging disc l4, l5. Some of you may be able to relate to this. I feel like a lot of people have lower back pain. But it was a difficult time. And I’m part of these different groups and I hear people’s stories and I feel so bad for them because in a situation like that, you feel like there’s no way out and you feel like no one can help you and you feel isolated and alone, scared for your health and for your future.

For me, I was at one point in time, I was laid up for almost a week. I literally couldn’t get out of bed. I was fortunate to have Dorothy taking care of me and feeding me and helping me out in many different ways. But I feel like I’m ready to talk about that now. And not only that, but I want to help people improve their back pain because I feel like in many situations we feel like we’re stuck in life and there isn’t a way out. 

So I’ve been working really hard at putting together some of the methods like writing down and talking about. And Dorothy’s been helping put something together, an actual program to help people with lower back, and understand that you don’t have to deal with lower back pain. It doesn’t have to be chronic. I haven’t had lower back pain for quite some time now. And I was really at a dark time in my life where I thought I was always going to have back pain. And I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to play with our little guy or I wasn’t going to be able to work out properly anymore.

I tried different modalities. I tried everything, absolutely everything. And the things that worked for me, I feel like can work for other people. So we’ve put together a program for you guys. It’s going to be in a private group. It’s going to be a module format. So you can go in and it’s going to say module one, which would be day one. And you click on that, you can watch a video. We’re going to have PDFs for you. We’re going to have information on what you can do for day one, and then you’re going to have day two. So you’re going to have a follow up step by step process. So this is a slightly different format that we’re excited about trying, and there’s going to be people in there that all have similar chronic pain, lower back issues, maybe trying to get off medication like I successfully was able to. And then I’m going to jump in there for some lives, live Q&A, too, to help out with that. 

It’s not like a seven day program. Voila. You’re fixed. It’s a program to teach you tools and how to take charge or take action towards your own healing, rather than trying to rely on other modalities or other figures, or other practitioners. 

I’ve just been researching and listening to people’s concerns and there’s such a wide array of back issues that people deal with. But I really feel like I’ve tried absolutely everything I could possibly think of and fortunately I was able to get out. I pull myself out and I feel like a lot of people feel like there’s no hope and they’re looking for external sources, whether that be practitioners or medication or surgery. And I’m just going to explain, show you in a program what I was able to do. 

I’m going to talk about nutrition and some of the tools that I’ve used and some of the mind, the mindful things that I’ve tried. And a lot of them have worked. And it’s a whole package deal. So I don’t feel like it’s going to be one thing that’s going to really change someone’s life. It’s not going to be three or four days. It takes time to get your body to understand that it can be healed. It is possible. And if you put in that work, it’s going to happen.

49.99 is a great price to learn a bunch of information that we’re going to be sharing about, not just lower back pain, but chronic pain in general and body maintenance, which will include flexibility and proper setting, proper routines and getting yourself headed in the right direction to just feel better about yourself. 

Who is this program for?

Anyone that has experienced lower back pain from feeling uncomfortable to bed ridden stretches where mobility was limited.

Including anyone that experiences chronic pain in the body, it could be shoulder pain, knee pain, etc.

Chronic pain is a terrible thing to experience. Even though we’ll specifically target the lower back, many of the tips, suggestions, and information will help with reducing chronic pain in general.

Our program will be a variety of a holistic approach as we do in most things.

We’ll talk about the mind set, emotions, tools that have helped me. Stretching for flexibility, exercise specific to strengthening, etc.

This will be a module format meaning you will be learning at your own pace, instead of the lives we usually do each night for a challenge. We’ll have videos, printable pdfs, written exercises and physical exercises to complete each module. We’ll jump in to do a weekly live which you can always watch the replay for and we’ll be there to answer questions as well. But it will be more of a group support and learning at your own pace, slightly different than the group we’ve done in the past.