Make Peace with the Present Moment

This has been a tough one for me lately!!!

🌴Summer for us usually means unlimited beach time, bike rides on the Strand, Farmer’s Markets, Movies on the Sand, Concerts on the Pier, Beach Volleyball…basically all the things we LOVE 💜

🌴It’s a different kind of summer this year not being able to do the things we normally do. It’s taken me LOTS of inner work to focus on the now and truly live in the PRESENT!!

🌴Dwelling on the PAST and thinking about what summer looked like last year or the year before only leaves me feeling sad and down.

🌴Thinking ahead to the FUTURE, trying to imagine what next summer will bring, wondering if we will be in our happy place makes me feel anxious and a little scared.

🌴I’ve realized if I want to feel joy, if I want to be at peace I must just focus on the PRESENT!! Appreciate what I have now instead of missing what once was or dreaming of what might be.

🌴Peace and Happiness is found in the PRESENT moment!!! This was one of my biggest take aways from your trip to Sri Lanka!! All the people were so happy, so giving, so loving even among all the poverty. They didn’t worry about what was coming tomorrow, they didn’t bring what happened yesterday into today. They found peace in the PRESENT!!

🌴There is so much to be grateful for right now, so much FUN to be had, so many happy moments to spend with the ones we love. Don’t let these moments be taken away because we can’t change the past nor can we control the future.

written by Dorothy

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