Making Decisions

“I am not a product of my circumstances, I’m a product of my decisions”. I love this quote. I feel like many of use the ‘destiny’ or ‘meant to be’ card, not realizing every decision we make forms our destiny. Our decisions form our future.

If we made more focused and conscious decisions in life, we’d find much more success in what we’re looking for. For example, we choose to set our clothes out the night before so we’re ready for a workout that day, or we choose not to. We choose to make extra food at dinner time so we can have a healthy lunch. We choose to pack our lunch the night before so we’re ready for the day.

We choose healthy meals or not, we choose to exercise, etc which puts us in control of our overall well being. Course things come up in life that aren’t exactly controllable but if we continue to made decisions that bring us closer to our goals instead of choices that bring us further away, we have no choice but to succeed.

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