Making Lasting Changes: Why Long-Term Commitments Yield Real Results

So I just talked to a new client who said, “I’m so happy I signed up with you for a longer term commitment because in the past I only committed to short term types of things, which didn’t work, and I already have an entirely different mind set.

I have a lot of things to work through, I know they’ll take time and I finally feel like with time and guidance we can help address them together, find some solutions and results”.

In another conversation I had with one of our current MAP clients who’s been with us for a few months or so say, I don’t think a year is long enough. I want to keep working with you guys.

So here’s the thing, that ‘year’, IS short term. And I know that scares the life out of people for a few different reasons…

We’re not used to committing to long term anything anymore.

Think about how many people used to have the same job for most of their life. How many marriages end early, and what about something as simple as dinner. If we commit to even one meal a day together as a family, it usually lasts a very short amount of time before everyone rushes off in different directions.

Think about fitness or health. Many people have been trying the same exact thing (which often includes very little to nothing) for 10, 20 or even 30 Years!

Then they’re looking for the 21 day fix, see short term results and say ‘this doesn’t work for me’ and jump off and try something else short term which of course doesn’t work either.

If you want short term results, you commit to short term programs or commitments. Which is why we got rid of our 6 week entry level option. Truthfully, I really dislike the 90 day option because that’s when you really start to see results with those we’re working with and then they jump ship thinking they’re good to go, and gain it all back in a couple weeks.

So here’s my suggestion. If you really want lasting changes, and you want to get off the yo yo train, stop signing up for programs that promise short term results with little to no commitment. One foot in, one foot out simply doesn’t work.

If you’re ready to commit to something that lasts longer than the blink of an eye, if you’re finally ready to see the results you’ve been hoping for, reach out, because there’s a very good chance we can help.

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