A Man that Makes Birdhouses

So this might be a stretch but I thought I’d at least try to help out and reach out to our TRUE FORM community here to see if we could get more people involved.

There is this older man at the market in Olds that makes bird houses by hand. I asked him how he was doing, he said he’s doing ok. I said how is business, he gestured ‘not so good’. Then he told me he’ll try one more week and if he doesn’t sell he’ll move on.

Kind of makes me sad, he puts all this time and effort into making these bird houses and then works up the courage to stand out there, and trust me if you haven’t stood behind a table at a trade show or market it can be VERY challenging.

So I thought, maybe we could come together or encourage some to help. Father’s Day is coming up, this might be a nice gift idea, or maybe even for yourself….

If you do purchase a bird house from him send me a picture and I’d love to offer a FREE month to our membership ($99 value).

And if you’re not close and would like to help out, you can donate, or send in money and I’ll make sure he gets it. Or if you have any other ideas to help out, I’m all ears!

I’m hoping he’ll be at the Farmers Market in Olds this Thursday June 8th from 4pm – 6:30pm at the Cow Palace….at least one more time.

A Man that Makes Birdhouses

Part 2

It’s incredible when the community comes together for support. Last week we posted about a man that seemed like he could use some help selling bird houses. This week we went and got a couple ourselves through requests and donations.

We even had Tina Thomas contribute all the way from Edmonton and others from Calgary!

Locally Debbie posted a pic of her new bird house, Starla‘s son found a new friend and Dennis didn’t exactly purchase a bird house but a BAT house (haha, love it Dennis). This is what Dennis had to say:

“Just wanted to thank you. A while ago, Cheri-lynn and I saw one of your posts about the gentleman at the farmer’s market who sells the wood creations he makes.

While we were there today, Cheri found that he had made a beautiful bat box. We bought it from him to hang in our backyard. He was the sweetest gentleman. Lots of info and lots of stories. Just thought you’d like to know your posts keep paying off!”

The smile on our new friends face, when he talked about how the baby birds climb out of the house from the rivets he made and the excitement as he showed us his bird pictures, not to mention the experience seeing others in the community show their support as well can’t help but warm one’s heart.

Starla’s Find

Dennis’ Bat Box

Debbie’s Birdhouse 

Thanks to everyone that made a difference in this mans life, to the comments and shares on social media, to those that have already purchased and those that will in the future (and to those that donated as well). You all make this world a better place.

Do you have a feel good story to share with us, something you’ve done, or even would like to do? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!