A few thoughts of medication. Full disclosure, I am not a Dr. and don’t pretend to be one. This is my own perspective so take out what may feel beneficial and leave the rest.

I’m not opposed to medication, there is without a doubt a time, place and need for it. Although personally I would choose every other avenue first. I have been on prescription medication more recently which is why I’m speaking from experience or as previously mentioned, only sharing my perspective. 

When taking medication, many forms cause constipation, which is why I feel that you should take activated charcoal on the same day (not at the same time), to help alleviate constipation which is incredibly uncomfortable. Even though a dr would tell you not to. Again my personal choice (which may not be yours). 

Medication suppresses your appetite, which is troublesome in a couple different ways. First of all, if you’re not eating I personally don’t feel that you can fully heal. But this is coming from the perspective of someone that truly believes in food to my core.

I believe food heals, I believe food prevents and I believe food cures. So if you’re not eating because of the meds, you aren’t able to properly heal from the inside out like I believe we’re supposed to. 

When you have no food in your stomach, Medication tears up your stomach lining which makes you not want to eat even more, and offers an array of digestive issues. Which is why it’s so important to take a probiotic when you’re on medication. 

Personally when I was on meds for back pain, I literally couldn’t function. Truthfully, I couldn’t function because of the pain. But once the excruciating pain was under control, thanks to medication (here is why I believe there is a time and place for medication)…

But once that pain was under control I was still advised to continue taking my meds, which I stopped. I had zero motivation, I didn’t have much of an appetite, and I slept often throughout the day for no given reason other than medication. 

So I chose to deal with the linger and chronic pain and figured out different ways besides meds that let me work, stay motivated, think clearly and not fall asleep for hours a time in the middle of the day. 

To summarize, I believe this is a place for meds, but only when absolutely necessary. For reasons listed above I’d choose to get off as quickly as humanly possible. 

Take activated charcoal to help with constipation, when on meds. Take a probiotic to help protect your stomach lining (activated charcoal will help with this too). And do everything you can to get back on a proper eating schedule which may not happen until you can wean yourself off the meds, because food will help your body heal. 

Once again, this is my opinion which doesn’t have to be yours and is likely much different than your dr’s. 

I do believe this is a place for medication, but if it’s abused, taken too often or too long, you’ll have to consider the longer term effects may be irreversible especially if you’re not protecting yourself with some my suggestions listed above. 

And lastly when you’re done with your meds, if in fact you’re able to get off them completely, consider heavy doses of detoxing with magnesium (liquid mag, mag flake baths, etc.), activated charcoal is great to detox heavy metals, and chlorella is also binding which will help remove toxins and help your body heal from the damage some of the ingredients the meds offer.

All the best in your healing quest to whatever optimal health looks like to you. 

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