Medicine Ball Exercises

When you hear “exercise ball,” you will probably begin to paint a huge inflated colorful ball in your head — like the one usually seen in gyms and Pilates studios. Well, I can’t blame you, there are many types of exercise balls you can find out there. And even if they seem to look the same, they sometimes go by different names.

Medicine Ball

Medicine ball (med ball) is a weighted ball that can be held to do different exercises. Though it comes in a variety of sizes, the most commonly used is as approximately as big as a basketball; and weight ranging from one to fifty pounds; mostly covered in vinyl or leather.


You may think that medicine ball is new to the fitness world, but it has actually been around longer than you think. In fact, it is considered the oldest exercise equipment. The Greek physician, Hippocrates is said to have stuffed animal skins for patients to toss for medicinal purposes. It is also known to be used by Persian Wrestlers in training, thousands of years ago.

Benefits of Using a Medicine Ball

The Medicine ball is versatile; often used for rehabilitation and strength training. Often used by athletes as it can strengthen many parts of your body. So depending on the way you use it, you can offer a full body workout.

Although the medicine ball isn’t widely used, it is a good alternative to other exercise equipment because it puts less pressure on your wrist. And it’s also easier to carry around and more convenient than heavier weights.

Medicine Ball Exercises

So whether you are into core training or just want to lose weight, you might want to try these medicine ball exercises!

Side Touch

Side Touch Medicine Ball exercises
3 sets; 12-15 reps

Hip Raises

Hip raises medicine ball exercises
3 sets; 12-15 reps


Push-ups medicine ball exercises
3 sets; 12-15 reps

Squat Press

squat press medicine ball exercises
3 sets; 12-15 reps


Plank Medicine ball exercise
Hold 30 seconds


Press medicine ball exercises
3 sets; 12-15 reps

Lunge Twist

lunge twist medicine ball exercises
3 sets; 12-15 reps

Toe Touches

toe touches medicine ball exercise
3 sets; 12-15 reps


Burpee medicine ball exercises
3 sets; 12-15 reps

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