Monthly Membership Success Tips

These Monthly Membership Success Tips was originally put together for those members who have joined our Monthly membership. But even if you haven’t, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some benefits out of these tips.

We’ve been putting together many different programs for your success like nutrition detoxes, love yourself detoxes and even fitness challenges. So what I decided to do was take all the best tips from those that were the most successful and share them with you.

Record in a success journal. Everything you eat, drink, workouts, emotions. It’s important to keep yourself accountable and this book will do exactly that. It seems insignificant but I can tell you the difference between those succeeding and those falling off is the difference between those that record and those that don’t. More details here.

Take measurements. Even if you don’t really want to, take measurements. If you don’t want to see the numbers on the scale, if you’d rather not measure, if you’re not a picture person, measure something. You’ll be happy you did. I promise.

At some point we all need to see progress in some manner. The most accurate way to measure is using a tape measure. If you do choose to measure, measure your neck, bicep, waist (just above your belly button), hip (or more so the buttocks), thigh (largest part of your upper leg) and calf.

Before and after pictures are highly recommended as well because you can’t deny results in a picture. If you’re going to take a picture the best way to do so is, front, side and back, with the least amount of clothing on that you’re comfortable with. (Remember these pictures don’t have to be shared with anyone).

Here is details describing why I feel the scale is the least accurate measure of progress.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, this is a marathon not a sprint. If you miss a workout get back to the next day, if you miss a meal have the next meal. Don’t dwell on the past.

Stay close within this private group. Check regularly, post regularly. Even if you don’t feel comfortable at first, step outside of your comfort zone, dance with vulnerability just a little bit. Share your success, your failures, and be a part of ‘us’. We all need that feeling of belonging, I created this group to support, to motivate, to inspire and to help you stay on track. Those that are involved on a regular basis have a much higher success rate than those who sit back and remain quiet.

More details about creating a positive environment here.

Try. Even if you don’t like the food try it. If you don’t like a particular meal, a particular ingredient, try it. If a workout seems too hard, if an exercise seems unrealistic to you, try it and see what happens. What’s the worst thing that could happen, you don’t like it and you move on, the exercise was too hard and you do something else. There is no failure in trying, however it’s difficult to grow and succeed with a closed mind set, thinking you ‘can’t’ do this or do that.

Stay on top of things. When it’s time to plan your meals for the week plan your meals for the week. When it’s time to grocery shop, hit the grocery store and don’t let anything get in your way. This may sound like an over simplification but the truth is, the only real way to make this happens is to make a conscious effort day in and day out. The more you stay a head of the game the more success you’ll have.

Let people know! By far, the absolute biggest mistake when starting a program, making a goal or setting your sights high is keeping it a secret. Let your friends know, let you family know. I know this is scary but let everyone know you’ve decided to start this program and you’ll need there help.

You’ll have much more success, much more support (if you don’t think they’ll support you) if you let them know in advance instead of trying to hide when it’s lunch time and they invite you out for fast food, or when someone brings you a double double (just trying to be nice) from the coffee shop.

You won’t have to feel bad making better decision when going to family dinner, when you’re out with friends or when you’re at the grocery store. You’ll be surprised how well co-workers, friends and family can keep you accountable as well. After telling them what you’re doing, you certainly won’t want to eat that dessert in front of them.


Get back up. Falling down is a part of life. You will miss a workout and you will miss a meal. Mentally prepare yourself for that but don’t let it be an excuse. Sometimes when we start a program like this all inspired, we think to ourselves ‘I’m going to do everything perfect’, then when we miss a day, a meal or a workout it’s like a truck blindsides us and we don’t know which way is up.

Understand it’s okay, get back up, have your next meal, do your next workout, check in with the group and keep moving forward.

You get out what you put in. As with everything in life, you get what you put in. Throughout this membership program I highly suggest you read, watch and listen to the posts, shows, videos and more we’ll be posting. Of course you don’t have to check out all of them but your scope of success greatly widens when you have a look at the information we’ll be putting out there.

These are for you, almost bonuses to help you understand more about a topic and how it can improve your health.

Let momentum carry you. Don’t be afraid to do more. It would be best to follow the group at least for a week or two but if you feel like going for an extra run, go for a run. You’ll naturally want to eat better as you follow the meal plan, so feel free to continue to eat better. There’s nothing wrong with doing more. Momentum is a powerful thing, ride it, let it carry you and you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish.

I highly suggest you print this out and hang it on your fridge or somewhere that you’ll be constantly reminded of how to find success.

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