For the past few months I’ve asked our members to share their story with us, their perspective and experience on how they’ve enjoyed the Monthly Membership we’ve put together. This page is more for them, than for me, and it’s coming at you from them not me. So I’ll let them do the talking.

Words From Past and Current Group Members

Callie Tesnow 

I want to let you know about my experience with the True Form monthly membership. I have been going for health advice from Drew for years, through his books and detoxes and this is yet another tool he has created that has helped me.

I am one of those people who had been know to consider a banana and a Diet Coke a legitimate meal and this program has really taken then guesswork out of planning my meals ahead so I don’t run into those situations.

The membership is really fool proof. You get a grocery list and a meal plan with recipes and daily workouts. The private group is on Facebook which makes it super easy to access and the support from Drew and Dorothy as well the rest of the members in the group is fantastic.

It amazes me the difference I feel in my energy level just from eating the right foods. This is not a fad diet, believe I’ve tried most of them. This is really a lifestyle change and I totally recommend it.

Chantal Denis

Thank you so much¬†Drew¬†and¬†Dorothy¬†for your time and dedication to the group. I LOVED this challenge so much. I found it really helpful for the videos every day so thank you for that too. This challenge proved to me that I don’t need to spend hours In the gym to see results and feel good because time was always one of my excuses for not working out, especially when I am trying to do an hour of yoga/meditation every day.

Brenda Wagner

The past two months I have been involved in an online group lead by Drew Taddia with like minded individuals that has been wonderful to motivate and support each other. Each week we get a grocery list,meal plan, and fitness plan. The best part of this is we do the fitness at home takes 20-30 minutes and you go at your pace!! As for the meal plans I have been eating this way for some time it is just nice to get new ideas and it does help keep me on track. There have been live baking demos, live workouts lots of sharing of successes and struggles and really a great forum to ask questions and learn!!

Cindy Gale

I just wanted to share with my friends this great group I belong to. I am in my second month with this group and am enjoying the benefits of living a healthier life. Check it out as I might even do it a third month. Drew Taddia says to be successful you need to surround yourself with positive people who have the same mind set. So why not keep going with something that’s working!! Have a look but clicking on the Trueform site.

Brianne D’arcy

A few weeks ago I started a monthly membership program with Drew Taddia. The membership includes daily nutrition and workout plan as well as support from a great online community. The nutrition plan lays out exactly what you eat in a day and comes with a grocery list. The recipes are super easy and dont take long to make. The workouts are about 30 min in length. So far the most we’ve needed is a chair and yoga mat and the workouts can be done at home. So far I’ve noticed a huge increase in energy and I feel stronger. If anyone feel like they need a change in their life here it is!

Vanda Turney 

Hi all, just a quick update to let you know about the Monthly Membership that I have been a part of. This is our second month and we’re getting ready to start a new month on November 6th.

Early bird pricing is on now and ends November 2nd if you would like to join a supportive and motivating group of like minded people. You get an entire month of meal plans, grocery shopping lists, recipes and home workouts with NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!! This is the best thing health wise that I have been blessed to be a part of. Last month we as a group lost a total of 58 INCHES!! Incredible results for an incredible program that works!!

And anyone who signs up I am also offering 20% off of Complete Truth Protein that I have been selling since the summer. Feel free to check out the link for more info and you can always message me, I would love to answer any questions. Thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you in the next group!!

Louise Landry 

I’ve been doing this monthly membership for 2 moths now (but have done various programs with Trie Life since the spring). This is a great program. Get fit from the comfort of your home, but have the advantage of a Nutation plan(includes meal plans, recipes and grocery lists), and is all overseen by personal trainer, Drew Taddia.

Drew is very supportive, and very helpful. I have had to modify some of the exercises to accommodate my physical limitations(most of you will know that the stroke I had 18 years ago left me with a very weak left arm). If I can do these workouts, believe me so can you!
This plan has been great for me. I’ve lost inches, gained energy, and get great sleeps.

Erin and Chris Braybrook

My husband and I have worked with Drew over the last year a few times. We have always enjoyed his process and how it covers all the bases – whole food, exercise, self love, positive mind and more. I (we) have always struggled with food. We both work full time. He commutes out of town and I own my own business which takes up much of our “free” time.

Since working with Drew we have been making a conscience effort to change our habits. Little by little and day by day. When Drew advertised his monthly plan we knew we wanted to take part. We are just starting week three and we love it.¬† Meal planning and knowing what to eat every week left me frustrated and with Drew’s plan it’s so simple.

We follow the shopping list & meal plan – we have variety, we have whole foods, we have new recipes and more energy! We are both excited to take part in month 2 and continue this journey. The group atmosphere is very positive and informative! It’s great having other like minded people to help us out along the way!



Ok, I just have to take a moment to celebrate…. I took my measurements today for the first time since our day one…..and I have lost 2-5 inches from Hips, Thighs, Waist, Bust, Arms!!!!! A grand total of 14 inches gone—wooooohhhooooo!!!!!! I am allergic to weigh scales, ;0 and honestly don’t care what I “weigh”. But I do care that I am feeling and becoming a more fit and healthy version of me, day by day! THANK YOU to everyone who helps keep me on track, who keeps me accountable, who keeps me motivated!


Just wanted to say that one of the best things I am taking forward from this program is how I shop for food. I would say we were, in general, a pretty healthy family. However, I would say that proportions of food and the ratios of whole foods v. convenience were out of whack! Now my food shopping is easier, and my cart is filled with so many more fruits and veggies. My kids are naturally gravitating to better choices because that is what is always present in our home. ( it does help that we are enjoying so much of our garden bounty now). My palate is changing, and junk just doesnt taste that good anymore. Now if I want a treat, its something of quality, its small and its still satisfying. Thanks everyone, who has helped us to change our habits for a healthier life!!


I’ve been hesitant to do my measuring as the scale hasn’t shown great numbers this past month. I know I need to step away from the scale but that is a hard habit for me.

This morning after reading all the great posts about the results of the group I decided to measure….15.75 inches gone!! I had noticed my jeans were fitting a lot better but I had no idea that I had lost over 15 inches.

A few other changes for me this month have been my desire to move…whether its the exercises from Drew, or a walk or some yoga poses here and there, or a dance party with my daughter….I just want to move more. I look forward to the daily workouts even though some of the exercises are very challenging for me.

I am eating consciously, even if I choose food that’s not on the plan, I’m not mindlessly eating. I choose to eat it, move on and let go of guilt. I’m also happy to say that vegetables are consumed before they die in my crisper


I just finished the 10 day Fitness Challenge. It was definitely a challenge, but so worth doing. Drew has put a lot of thought into the workout, to make it consistently more challenging.. I am reasonably fit(or so I thought, but I do have a small physical limitation. Drew and Dorothy were excellent at coming up with modifications for the exercises that presented a problem for me. I am also 55 years young, if I can do this workout, anyone can! The biggest bonus: at the end of the 10 day challenge I was down 4 3/4 inches ,

Looking forward to the next one!

Dallas Smith

The monthly membership that Drew and Dorothy provide us with is one of the best ‘get healthy’ groups I’ve been apart of. No pressure, no endless counting, no added stress of weighing and measuring and tracking. They set out weekly meals plans with easily to follow recipes, weekly workouts with the odd LIVE interactive team workout. The online Facebook group is supportive, friendly, caring bunch of people who have never met before this group was in their lives. It’s become an extended family of like minded individuals who can live their own daily ¬†lives and can always come back for direction of they need throughout the day. I appreciate Drew’s tips and tricks on working out, grocery shopping, cravings and much much more. Dorothy and Drew have some great videos showing us how to cook, bake and food prep! It’s an amazing experience, you won’t be disappointed!

For more details on how you can become on our next success story click here.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Membership Testimonials

  1. I really enjoyed Drew’s 10 day challenge. For the first time in my life I got up at 6 am to exercise! I challenged myself to 3 days in a row and did 7! It was the best way to fit it in and I felt great all day. I really noticed a difference when I tried on my summer clothes for Maui. They fit again after I had put on pounds this winter. Thanks Drew. And Dorothy. You made a horrendous task (so I thought) interesting and entertaining!

    1. That’s awesome Cathy! Thanks for trying the challenge and for taking the time to share your experience!

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