New Entrepreneur Books are Here!!!

Books are in! Books are in!! Finally, the new book is here!!!

I couldn’t be more excited they’re finally here. Truthfully I wrote this book because it’s so terribly sad to see so many empty buildings in town. Which is the same reason we started Entrepreneur workshops locally.

We thought, there must be something we can do to help! So that’s what we did. I took years of my ups and downs, successes and failures and explain how you can learn from my experiences.

From making connections, to running a social media page. It’s all here for anyone to read, learn and share.

We could have made this book bigger and thinner, but I wanted to be easy to carry around like a pocket book. I’d love for it to be dogeared, written in, highlighted, shared and passed around.

I’m hoping you’ll consider buying a book and if not for yourself, we all know someone that’s a business owner or thinking about it.

1 book is $15
2 books is $13/each = $26
3 books is $10/each = $30 ( so you basically get a free book with this one)

This new passion of mine has opened more doors, its helped made new connections and inspired me on a different level.

If you’re interested in a book we’ll keep it simple. No landing pages, squeeze pages or sales pages with upsales. Simply comment below or send me a message and we’ll get one of these in your hands!

As always, thank you so very much for your support!!!