Online Business Coaching

I’ve had some thoughts about business coaching in the past. I’ve actually held a presentation for business owners and entrepreneurs, I also wrote a short ebook with the writings I put together from a newsletter I sent out again to business owners and entrepreneurs. I took a step back because I didn’t feel it was the right time for me to work on other businesses while I was still growing mine.

No question, businesses are always growing, changing and evolving. For me personally, I feel like I’m in a better position to offer business advice. I also feel like the industry is slowing filling up with less than qualified business coaches that care more about their pocket book than helping people.

A proper business coach should have experience, they should have been through the trenches and should have come out on the other side on top full of lessons and teachings for whomever they are going to teach.

What I’ve been through 

I have a lot to offer. I’ve started a health, nutrition and fitness business from nothing and grew it to what it is today almost 6 years ago. This includes a Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Show, a Protein Supplement I created myself that grew to be in 26 retails stores across Canada, an Online Nutrition and Fitness Membership and a best selling book in a major city that included book signings and features on the local news.

You can read more about my business and details of each here.

The Offer 

What I’d like to try for a limited time and for a limited amount of people is some group coaching. For 4 weeks or 30 days, I’ll open up my experience to you. For the price of $35/person, I’ll put each of you in a private group (so you can connect with one another as well), ask questions, pick my brain, gain some advice and have someone point you in the right direction that’s been exactly where you are.

Feel like you don’t have time, I’ll show you that you do. Don’t have enough customers, I’ll help you stand out in your niche and show you how to become the ‘go to expert’, so customers are coming to you.

Aren’t increasing your social media following or engagement, I have suggestions that will instantly make a difference.


  • be a part of a supportive group of likeminded individuals
  • learn how others are finding success in their field
  • how to use social media properly (this is a HUGE area of misuse in my opinion for business owners and entrepreneurs)
  • ways to increase clientele and revenue
  • blog and website advice
  • information on the how and importance of newsletters to grow your business

What past Members got out of the group…

In more detail this is what Holistic Nutritionist, Jessica Mitton had to say.

“Drew is so knowledgeable when it comes to operating a business and has so many useful tools and tips to share. His advice and feedback has helped me so much, particularly in the areas of social media marketing, managing a newsletter, and generating content.

I have been able to implement his advice for my own business and have seen great results, as well as identifying ways to work more efficiently. By creating this group to allow professionals to learn together,

Drew has afforded myself and other budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to forge new business relationships and open up new opportunities. Amazing support, wonderful energy, and great educator. Thanks Drew!”


“I was fortunate to take part in Drew’s 2 week Business Coaching.  Throughout the two weeks, I learned so many valuable tips that I was able to apply immediately and some that I will keep in my pocket for when the time comes and it’s needed.

We had a chance to network with the group and support each other along the way which was very motivating.  I appreciated the direct no nonsense feedback that went along with his professional yet approachable personality. Having access to Drew’s knowledge from experience was priceless!”

Thanks again for your time in the last 2 weeks, I had no expectations when joining but found value in ways I didn’t know I would find.  I’m hoping to be able to make it to the next session!

Holistic Nutritionist, Renee Seymour from New Beginnings Nutrition 

1 Month Trial Run

As you noticed from above our 2 week trial run went fantastic! It went so well that as a group we’ve decided to continue on for another month. Because we understand how difficult it is to start a business and given that it’s hard to get any kind of advice from business experts that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars a month, this supportive group only costs $35/mo as we’re still in our testing phase to see where this may go.

I know I wish I had an opportunity like this when I was starting out, so if you’re interested or know anyone that needs a little direction and support feel free to share this blog post of leave your comment below if you’d like to join us.