Online Health Coaching

I understand online coaching is still a new concept to many, what does it look like, how do you connect, is it that personal online, can I really get results? These are only a few questions and I’m sure you have plenty more that you aren’t sure of when it comes it online health coaching. First of all let me start out by letting you know….

I know where you’re at, really I do.  You’re stressed out, have trouble sleeping, struggle with extra weight and are simply tired of being sick and tired.  On top of all that you don’t know where to start, there’s so much information out there. Who to listen to, who to trust. Let me tell you what I do and how I do it, so you have a better understanding of how we can work together.

How can I help you?


First of all, I highly believe in food; food knowledge and understanding is usually what my clients come to me for. This will be 70% of what we focus on. Everything from meal planning to grocery shopping lists.

I’ll help you better understand ingredients, what toxins to avoid and even what brands are a better choice that aren’t full of MSG and other toxins we’ll look to avoid. Confidence in both the kitchen and grocery store is something you can fully expect after working together for a short time. I also have recipes to share and other cooking tips that will save you time in both the kitchen and grocery store.

Everything is customized, I don’t have any cookie cutter programs or ‘one size fits all’. We work together to find out what you like, what you dislike, what your daily routine is like and how to best suit your lifestyle with the food and meal plan we’ll prepare together.

And lastly regarding nutrition I’ll have you record in a ‘success journal’ which acts like a super sized food journal because I believe food controls everything from mood to emotions. In this food journal you’ll record everything you eat and drink. You’ll also record emotions like cravings, sleep habits and more.

I believe everything can be traced back to food. So for example if you didn’t sleep well we can look back to how and what you ate. If you had a rough day emotionally we can look back to your success journal and start to see patterns develop. This success journal is absolutely essential to helping you move forward towards a healthy lifestyle.

success journal small

Fitness Program

Fitness is much the same as nutrition. I design a customized program to suit your needs. We talk about any past injuries, what goals you’d like to reach, what exercises you like and dislike, your preferred way to workout and more.

There are many different ways to workout, we’re all not ‘weight lifting people’ and we’re all not runners or cyclists. If you come with an open mind I promise we’ll be able to find something you’ll soon start to enjoy to help you reach your goals.

I email a customized program complete with pictures and explanations to help you better understand and use your program throughout the week.

And lastly, we’ll start off slow. You won’t need to start working out 6 days a week to get started or even to see results. Everything I do is working toward sustainability. I’ll make sure we put together a program starting out slow to get you going in the right direction before we proceed with difficulty level and frequency (times per week).

Habits and Environment

And lastly, I talk about environment and habits which has everything to do with how we live. We as humans are creatures of habit. We sleep on the same side of the bed, watch tv on the same side of the couch, and eat breakfast in the same place at the breakfast table. I’ll help you work towards healthier habits to improve their life which has everything to do with your environment.

As I look at your environment and habits, who and what you surround yourself with we’ll be able to better determine what path to take to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

If you live in a stressful environment we’ll look to find ways to reduce your stress and avoid it all together. If you live in a negative environment we’ll look for ways to increase the positivity to see, hear and think.


I’m there to work with you one on one, to hold you accountable and to give you the support you need.  Everyone is different, some people need someone to be accountable to and others don’t.  Neither is right or wrong, one is not better than the other.  So understand you’re doing a good thing, you’re being proactive with your health which is the first step.

I don’t think we realize how valuable it can be to have someone there to work with you throughout the week. We’re much more willing to do something, to go the extra mile and finish what we’ve started if there’s someone to be accountable to.

We also need guidance at times, we need someone to steer us in the right direction, someone to support us and let us know we’re doing a good job.

How do we meet?

We’ll meet once a week over Skype for one hour to keep you accountable and go over what we covered in the previous session. It’s important to structure this once a week meeting into your schedule as planned and commit to it for yourself.

We make hair, nail, business and golf appointments that we keep without question but when it comes to ourselves we usually put ourselves last and have no issues not showing up or reschedulin. Once a week isn’t a lot of time to give yourself so make it a priority!

What I don’t do

First of all I should tell you right from the start, quick weight loss is not something I specialize in.  There’s tons of people out there that can show you how to drop 10lbs in a few weeks; many more supplements and weight loss schemes all directed toward weight loss.  That simply isn’t me.

The other thing I don’t do is enable you.  My goal isn’t to keep you with me, selling you as many sessions as possible so you stay with me forever.  My goal is to empower you, to give you the tools you need for success and a map to show you the way.  I want you to be able to carry on a healthy lifestyle on your own, which is exactly what we’ll work toward.

Before you get started

If you don’t personally know me here is my True Form facebook page where I often write about my perspective on life and offer tips to hold yourself to a higher regard.  I suggest you have a look around this page to see if you resonate with what I have to say.  And I’d also suggest you sign up for my weekly newsletter.  In this newsletter I send out recipes, blog posts, radio shows and more all directed towards helping you live a healthier lifestyle.  Not only do you get a free recipe ebook but you’ll get a better idea of who I am and what I believe in.

How to get started?

So before we actually get started we’ll need to connect, not everyone is a perfect match for one another.  To be honest with you, I don’t work with everyone that comes my way.  If we have entirely different values, beliefs and morals we won’t be a good match.

What we’ll do is have an email conversation and then we’ll have a phone conversation to find out if I can help your reach the goals you’re looking to obtain.  This is an important step, don’t by pass this part of the process or think you don’t need it.

You don’t want to choose just anyone, you don’t want to take the first ‘coach’ that comes around.  Do some research, ask questions, find out who you’re working with and what they actually believe in.  Find someone you can connect with on a deeper level and you’ll both be happier you chose each other.

What Past and Current Clients Say

My husband and I started working with Drew doing online coaching in November of 2014. His coaching is individualized and he suggested a lot of great changes we made to our diet and lifestyle. In the months that we have worked with him, we have learned more about nutrition and healthy eating then we ever knew! We are both looking forward to the challenges he will give us in the months to come.

Working with Drew online has been an easy and effective method of coaching. We get all the benefits to a face to face meeting without some of the wasted time of arranging child care or travel. This also provides the flexibility of weekly meeting even when traveling away from home. 

As a slow learner to Clean Eating I have had many challenges. Drew realizes that one method of coaching will not work for everyone. He has approached my needs and challenges and has adapted his coaching to give me the best chance at success. 
The coaching Drew provides isn’t limited to a one hour Skype call. Drew is more concerned about ensuring that all my questions have been answers than about the time limit on the clock. Other very helpful coaching sessions have included a shopping trip to the grocery store and an in-home cooking session. Both of these were incredibly educational and showed me just how many chemicals and preservatives we consume without realizing it.
I have been “healthy” all my life, but have notoriously been unable to be as “fit” as I think I could be. I always “hung on” to 30 extra pounds.  Drew is the first in a line of many attempts to “get there” who finally, finally, was able to help me identify my physical and psychological barriers that have kept me stuck for so long.  I need accountability and in the kindest, yet no-nonsense way, Drew does not accept a weak effort or “good enough”.  His on-line availability and knack for knowing when I need that extra push at just the right time has made this on-line program the perfect fit for me.  If you’ve ever wondered just how much potential you might have – Drew is phenomenally intelligent, motivating, and supportive – the perfect combination for success!  ~ Dr. Jody Carrington
How do I sum up my experience with Drew in six words or less.  Don’t forget to be awesome today!  It was a card I received from Drew when he dropped off a Smoothie recipe book for me to borrow.  What great words.  I still have it in my office on my desk.  Drew helped me understand that making healthier choices with food and exercise I could feel awesome.  Making better decisions about my  health was leading to a more awesome me.  An awesome me that will be around to have fun with my family and friends.

Now when I look at that card it helps me continue to make good choices, not the oh McDonald’s for lunch won’t hurt me!  Now it’s McDonald’s for lunch does not help me be awesome today.

Take Action!

There really is no better time to act than right now, in fact right now is the only time you’ll ever act.  There will never be a perfect time, the stars won’t align, there will always be another holiday or vacation, we’ll always be able to think of a reason why not to, so right now, today, think of a reason why you will take action.  It’s time to stop putting yourself last, it’s time to put your health first and make a connection today.

You can email me directly at or call 888-572-5552