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So what’s a pay what you can stress detox? You guessed right, you decide what you pay to join; no hidden fees, no tricks, only what you’re looking for. In this post I’ll tell you exactly what is involved, how it will work and when we start!

So first of all I understand some of you have tried a similar detox, I also understand many of you have tried detoxes quite different.  So what type of detox are we running?

Why a pay what you can stress detox?

So first of all why a 14 day ‘pay what you can stress detox’? Christmas just passed which is always hard on our pocket books so I want everyone to have a chance at a restart in the new year. We’ve also done this detox a few times before so I wanted to offer something different especially for those that have already done it with us. As you’ll soon find out we’ve revamped and changed our format just a little.

And the other reason we chose this pay what you can stress detox is to give you the opportunity to invest in yourself. You get to choose how much your health is worth, how much time and effort you’re willing to dedicate.

We all know the more we invest the more serious we take something, the more it means to us and the more time and effort we’ll put into a project. Here is your opportunity to not just invest in this program but to invest in yourself and improve your health in a sustainable manner.

Just to be clear before you get started, Detoxify Yourself is a 30 Deal meal plan (which includes every day and every meal planned out for you during the 30 days.

For this detox we are offering 14 days of support to get you started on the right foot, in a private group setting. We’ll explain more below.

Is this a conventional detox?

As you’ll soon find out, this is not a conventional detox. In fact I don’t believe in them. So here’s what happens, we buy one of those ‘cleanse kits’ take a few days off our regular routines and expect to be fully refreshed and healthy again. Our bodies are incredible healing machines but our health certainly doesn’t work this way.

We try a juice cleanse or soup fast for a weekend to ‘reset’ our system and then we go back to the exact same toxic lifestyle we regularly live which brought us to a detox in the first place.

“If you truly want to live a toxic free lifestyle, if you want to live in vitality with less stress, more energy and even sleep better this detox is what you’re looking for.”

So what kind of detox is this?

As previously stated this is a True Lifestyle detox. Throughout this 14 days we’re going to give you the tools to understand what it’s like to live with less stress, we’ll teach you how to naturally detox your body from the many toxins we’re surrounded by.

The meals are all gluten free and show you how to avoid highly processed, toxic foods prepared with refined sugar. In fact we’ll show you how not only to prepare food without refined sugar but we’ll even show you how to bake without refined sugar as well!

This highly plant based diet will introduce you to how much your body enjoys whole food, quality food and by avoiding processed food, how much energy you really have.

Here are some more key points we’ll go over:

  • Foods/substances you put in your body

– which includes: grocery shopping lists, recipes and weekly meal plan

  • Why we chose to design a meal plan free of gluten, dairy, soy and GMO’s
  • Reducing Stress caused by mind clutter
  • The cosmetics you put ON your body
  • Learn to prepare whole foods
  • We’ll also teach you what toxic ingredients to avoid

How will you benefit from this program:

  • More energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Confidence in the kitchen and grocery store
  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Stronger immune system
  • Freedom of your health

*Before you get started I highly recommend you take 20 minutes out of your day to listen to this radio show episode where I go into detail of exactly what you should expect starting this Detox and 30 Day Challenge. 

What do you get, what does this program include?

Upon signing up you will receive an ebook of best selling Detoxify Yourself: A True Lifestyle Meal Plan. Here’s a clip of me on the local news talking about Detoxify Yourself:

And here is what are people saying about it:

“Just checked the cookbook out and the recipes are fantastic!  I’ve been eating a whole foods diet for a long time, but I have to say your Detoxify Yourself book is the answer I’ve needed to up the anty so to speak.  Thanks for compiling such vital information into one book.  I’ve read a great deal of literature on living a healthy lifestyle and your book is certainly one of my favorite reads so far!” 
– Thanks again, Nadine

“Detoxify Yourself has become a staple in my kitchen, this is a book that every GI doctor should be sharing with their patients who suffer from Fructose Intolerance, Celiac and even IBS. It isn’t about a diet it is a way of life which allows for great food, flavor and best of all feeling whole and healthy! I have ideas and recipes that I wasn’t able to find in my previous research, now at my finger tips.”
– Jes Wakelam Calgary, AB

Pay what you can stress detox



Side Note: This is an ebook only, if you’d like a physical copy, you can purchase one here.

What else is involved?

These are the tools we’ll use to help you make these life changes:

  • Recipes
  • Videos
  • Podcasts (recorded radio shows)
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Links to quality, targeted blog posts
  • A detox based around whole food, not conventional supplements, vitamins or pills
  • And daily support!

*Side note: The private group is hosted on Facebook. After you sign up you’ll be sent a private invite which you’ll have to accept to enter the group.

 A Heads up!

Now you don’t need to purchase or use Complete Truth Protein in this meal plan but it is in many of the recipes. This will be used as a flour and protein powder so if you have your own or would like to choose your own that is similar please feel free, however understand we’re working towards a stress free, toxin free detox. Pay close attention to what ingredients are in your product.

More details about Complete Truth Protein

Not only did I write Detoxify Yourself but I also designed a whole food protein supplement called Complete Truth Protein. I designed this product because I believe in food; I believe food heals, prevents and cures, and I also believe if we looked to food before medication, conventional supplements, pills and even vitamins we’d be healthier as a society.

Complete Truth Protein is used for this meal plan in smoothies, baking and more; and because I want you to receive the full benefits of this Detox and how it will show you what supplementing with whole food can really do for your health.

Remember the best thing about this pay what you can stress detox is, you decide what you can afford and what you want to invest. So what are you waiting for?
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And lastly, if this isn’t the right time for you and you’d like to stay up to date with future detox announcements (or different types of detoxes we offer) you’re certainly welcome to join our mailing list:

18 thoughts on “Pay what you can stress detox

  1. I signed up for and just finished the 14 day detox and I highly recommend this program. I still have 3 weeks of meal plans but in the 14 days I have learned so much. I truly believe Drew’s program is life transforming, it has given me the knowledge, support and proper tools to succeed. His meal plan is by far the best out there and truly set up so you can’t fail if you follow it. You can tell Drew truly loves being a coach, he doesn’t chase people, he attracts them by putting all his knowledge and wisdom out there and working hard to help people to get healthy. He just does his thing and it is so refreshing to see. There’s a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr that says ” Faith is taking that first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase”. I am beyond happy that I took that first step! Thanks Drew for all you do!

    1. Thanks for your words Vanda, and thanks for being such a big supporter of what I teach and believe in. Members like yourself and all your participation made the group what it was, so thanks for being a part of it. I can’t wait to hear about all your progress throughout the next 3 weeks. So Keep at it!

  2. This is actually the third detox I have done with Drew. His support and knowledge is unrivaled. He really is there with the advice you need every step of the way. I did the pay what you can stress detox in a group setting and the additional support of the other members was amazing. This is a must do detox to jump start your way to a healthier lifestyle.

  3. Okay, okay, at first I was a little skeptical, but once I let go of all the thoughts I had against it, I realized how awesome it is. I never knew I would actually be able to supress my appetite with almonds and raisins (I don’t like blueberries, so I switched it up) or that I would actually have cooked quinoa available in my fridge at all times to put on just about any salad or stir-fry, and it’s really good! And healthy baking? Yes please! In just one week I was surprised by how little I had to eat to feel full, and I didn’t have that “heavy” feeling after I ate. My sleep improved, my energy levels were still high enough to keep up with my busy life. All I had to do was some simple planning and preperation, and boom! No problem!
    Because this is a lifestyle detox, it will always be a work in progress, and I look forward to growing with it and learning more, every day. Even on the one day that I had the dreaded “cheat” take over, I wasn’t happy full, more like gross full and not even fully satisfied. It wasn’t even worth me cheating for.
    Thank you Drew, for this opportunity to show myself that I can do it. I can make these changes, and be happy with myself, with my new lifestyle. I can’t help but read every single friggin’ label at the grocery store. It takes me twice as long, but I end up putting more back on the shelves than in my cart. And your support is great. You seem like an up-beat, positive soul, although I have never actually met you. Keep up the amazing work, and helping people better themselves. (And I hope I can continue to look to you for advice and support.) Cheers!

    1. Well of course Jenn, I’m always here for your support. Thank you for sharing your story and perspective of Detoxify Yourself and the group. I’m so happy to hear you’re on board with this being a lifestyle change, those quick fixes simply don’t work. I’ll look forward to hearing how you progress over the next 21 days…and then some.

  4. This 14 day “Pay what you can stress detox” was great. Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge. The support we received through this group was invaluable. Loved how involved everyone was and I especially enjoyed the exchange of recipes and motivation. Who knew being healthy could be this much fun! Thank you Drew Taddia. Loved it!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to invest in yourself Aaryn! It was great to have you a part of the group, there was so many good conversations and knowledge shared; that’s one of the best things about being part of the group, I learn from you all too!

  5. I signed up for and just finished the 2 week “pay what you can” detox with Drew Taddia. I found it to be very informative and worthwhile. Drew’s plan is very straight forward and easy to follow. He suggests meal and snack plans for a full 30 days, with easy to prepare receipes that use commonly available ingredients. He has a great deal of knowledge and shared it with us in a friendly, engaging way. We learned not only about eating properly, but also about detoxing our home environments, as well. The group support was amazing, and kept us accountable. We shared recipes, and stories of successes and little set-backs, and asked questions of each other. It was a very supportive and positve experience, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to live a healthier life.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Terry, it was great to have you as part of the group! I’ll look forward to hearing how you progress in the future with living a Detoxified Lifestyle!

  6. Before I joined the pay what you can detox, I sent Drew a list of questions, because I really didn’t think I was worth it and I was trying to talk myself out of it. Drew answered all my questions and got me really excited to give it go. I love bad carbs, but I am slowly learning to replace them with healthier options. I haven’t been perfect on it, but I am truly amazed at how easy it has been to incorporate all the healthy food. There was a lot that I would never would have chose to eat on my own, but I have to say, quinoa is not so bad anymore! I plan to continue on with more healthy foods! My kids loved the granola too, so that says how awesome it is. I think Drew is pretty awesome to care so much about others to offer this chance.

    1. Thanks so much Kim, it’s been a pleasure working with you. I’m so happy to hear your kids like the healthier choices too and look forward to all your progress to come!

  7. Love this lifestyle change, the book was a easy read and the meal plans were great to follow the group was so suppotive and everyone answered any questions.I may have had right away I love its afordable way to live healthy thankyou Drew

  8. The 14 Day Detox was very timely. I was determined to make some lifestyle changes, and as I already had Drew’s book I was going to do it on my own. The group aspect made it very easy to proceed with. The information and encouragement from Drew, and the other participants, the shared thoughts and recipes were a great support to me. I have tried several of the recipes and found them all easy to prepare and delicious. Drew was always very prompt with answering questions or addressing concerns. CTP is awesome, I won’t go back to any other protein powder. Thank you, Drew.

    1. So great to have you as part of the group Donna. I like you determination, keep pushing forward and nothing will get in your way!

  9. Pay what you can detox is a fantastic idea. I hear people talk about affordability of living healthy and the cost of getting information or getting involved in groups such as Drew’s. This is a fantastic way to get a taste of a better way to life and the best part is the cost. Drew’s grocery lists are very affordable and healthy and just plain simple to follow. There are many bonuses as well: The food tastes great. There is nothing on the grocery list or meal plan that most people don’t already like and if there is you can bet there is always a substitute. Drew will be happy to help you make alternate choices. After you have been following these eating and living principles for a while you will become a pro! It truly is that easy. The support and ability of everyone being able to share their ideas and experiences is another bonus here. Thank you Drew. Also thank you Dorothy for all your wonderful ideas that you have shared. And thanks to all of the 14 Day Detox members for sharing your story. Being a part of a group makes it easier to stay on track.

  10. I believe the biggest thing that holds us back when trying something new is support. I’ve been through it myself. I’ve tried to change my lifestyle many times before but never reached my goals until I had a strong support system behind me. This is exactly what this group offers. Not only is Drew right by your side the whole time but it’s so nice to go through this process and have people that are experiencing the same things that you are. I got great ideas from everyone in the group and the group was what kept me going on days I didn’t think I could. It definitely made a world of difference for me so much that now I help Drew facilitate the group detoxes and I absolutely love it!

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