30 Day Meal Plan (Digital Product)

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What you need to know before you get started?

I know you can’t wait to jump into this meal plan. It’s normal to skim through and past all this writing and head straight to the meal plan below. I want to ask you to refrain yourself from doing that and read this introduction to help you find success with what we’re doing as I explain the ‘why’, which will help you get through the times where you don’t feel like it or when you don’t feel that you have the time to push forward.

It’s also important to understand how to use this program properly so there isn’t any confusion moving through the weeks and days. So let’s go through some tips to help widen your scope of success.


First of all I’d like to welcome you to our 30 day meal plan. This isn’t just a regular old meal plan, this is a lifestyle meal plan. This is 30 days to a brand new you! In this meal plan we’re going to show you how to gain confidence in the grocery store and kitchen.

We’re going to show you how to put together easy to prepare meals, that are healthy and taste good!

I know where you’re at. It’s difficult to find recipes that don’t have 62 ingredients, half of which you haven’t heard of and likely won’t use again.

Then of course every time we find some exotic type of food it costs an arm and a leg. Not the case here, the meal plan was designed with a budget in mind, to show the everyday person that it is possible to create healthy meals that don’t cost a bunch of money.

A couple things I want to make clear, you will be spending time in the kitchen and you will be spending time at the grocery store however, we’re going to show you how to actually save both time and money by buying the right ingredients, putting them together in a sustainable manner and making sure you use all of them so no food or money is wasted with food gone bad left in the fridge.