Complete Truth Protein


With only two ingredients (quinoa and hemp seeds), this nutrient packed product free of gluten, dairy, soy and gmo’s is the perfect choice to supplement your diet and give your body the nutrients it’s looking for. Perfect for smoothies and baking!

Complete Truth Protein Original, with only the two ingredients (Quinoa and hemp seed), is perfect baking or adding to smoothies. By adding only 3 tablespoons you have an entire meal at your finger tips in seconds. It’s hard to find a nutrient packed meal, with clean calories and a long list of nutrients that CTP has to offer.

With this product it’s a very natural, whole tasting food. Many of us are used to refined sugar or sytheical flavoring which is why we recommend adding the original product to a smoothie or to bake with. Even a shake would be a better choice because of the natural taste.

Don’t get us wrong through, some people are perfectly fine with the flavor this product has to offer and others are looking for something with more taste, which is why our Maca product was designed. If you have no problems with natural tasting food, then you’ll have no problem with ‘CTP Original’, and if you do this is still a great way to get an entire meal in your body in minutes by adding it to whatever it is you’re eating. If you consume dairy, adding this to yogurt or cereal will give it a nutrient boost, and if you’re into smoothies you won’t taste the flavor.

Regardless of how you’re using CTP Original, if you’re looking for a clean product, one that’s vegan or even free of gluten, dairy, soy and GMO’s you came to the right place. Adding CTP in your diet is a perfect way to get the nutrients in your body it needs.

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