Detoxify Yourself – Physical book


Detoxify Yourself is a beginners guide to help you live the energized toxic free life you’re looking for. This book covers everything from the food you purchase to the cosmetics you put on your body. Complete with grocery shopping lists, recipes and meal plans, Detoxify Yourself will get you started out right with all the information and resources you need to Detoxify Yourself!

Detoxify Yourself was carefully constructed to help you look beyond the everyday norm of our nation’s addiction to highly processed foods, toxins and lower quality of life because of it. This plan will transition us onto a better path and put an end to the obesity epidemic prevalent today. Sadly, because of the food choices we make and the deception of the food industry, we have lost the ability to heal ourselves the way we have for hundreds of years. With the decrease in whole, natural foods, we’ve watched the increase in low quality foods flood the grocery stores and slowly take over our quality of life, taking the power of our health away from us.

I’m going to give you that power back! I’m going to show you how to eat natural foods again in a healthy way. This plan isn’t boring or bland…and it’s affordable!

What you won’t find in this meal plan is any diet or fad that you’ve read, tried or heard about before. This is a lifestyle change. This was constructed to show you how to live a better life, how to look and feel healthier, with more energy than you’ve ever had. I’ve captured the strength food has to offer and I’m going to help release it within you. Your body will be rejuvenated from the inside out: your hair, nails, and skin will thrive; your mind, body, thoughts and emotions will be in a truly healthy state. With the natural foods you’re going to learn to prepare and consume, you’ll find your true self, your (natural) healthy weight, the liveliness you thought you never had and, finally, you’ll find your True Form.

We’re going to prepare meals in less time that you thought possible and, in fact, you’re going to have more time throughout the day because you’ll have so much more energy. This meal plan will show you that it is possible to make your own food while avoiding the additives, preservatives and toxins that pollute our food, grocery stores and most importantly, our minds and bodies. I’ll teach you how to save money along the way and kick the myth that “eating healthy is too expensive.” I’m going to personally guarantee you that once you give this plan an honest effort, you’ll be surprised how little changes can make such a big difference.

The truth of the matter is, you are going to work for it, you are going to spend time in the kitchen and you are going to put in the effort. This isn’t the ‘get rich quick scheme’ of health, this is going to teach you to get rich via your body, your mind, and overall health. Isn’t that what we truly want!?

Upon purchase of this meal plan you’ve made a choice, you’ve taken a stand, you’ve decided that right now you WILL live better, you WILL live healthy and you’re going to get up every day and LIVE that decision.

LIVE inspired right now, live for today, come with me along on this journey and you’ll find out, there are no limits and no substitutes for a happy, healthy life.