Package #2: Pre and Post Workout Stack (recovery from workouts)


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  • Vanilla Protein Powder

Our Vanilla protein powder is easily one of our best selling products, made from the cleanest ingredients. Most of our ingredients are organic, sprouted and our fermented. You don’t have to worry about digestion issues when taking our protein powders. You also don’t have to worry about any chalky chemical aftertaste! With 25 of protein, 2g of carbs and 0g of sugar this is a no brainer to add to your daily nutrition regiment to give your body a boost of protein!


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  • Liquid Mag

Our Liquid Magnesium is our Product All Star, most of our customers notice a difference in their body after they start taking this product in only a few short days. This is our very own proprietary blend. No one else in the world sells this exact product. Magnesium produces over 300 enzymatic functions in the body. Which means it can help out in many different areas. This is great to take in the morning before your morning workout. It’ll energize your workout and your body throughout the day, and it’ll help heal those sore muscles from difficult workouts that you’re pushing through to maximize your results.

  • Spirulina (small)

Spirulina is jam packed with nutrients, especially protein. Cup for cup it has more protein than steak! This is another great product to fuel your workout. Spirulina also has 40 vitamins and mineral to help your body in many different ways.


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  • Chlorella (small)

Chlorella is another blue green algae on our product list. This is great for recovery which is why we take 5 tabs after a workout. It’s also great for the immune system with over 40 vitamins and minerals, we suggest pairing spirulina and chlorella daily to replace your multivitamin.


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  • Bath Flakes (medium)

Many people have heard of Epsom salts, well there’s a new game in town. Epsom salts is actually magnesium sulphate which is at the lowest end of the magnesium scale when it comes to absorbability. This is where our Mag Bath Flakes come in. This is actually magnesium chloride which is at the top of the list when it comes to absorbability. Which is why you’ll notice a nearly instant benefits even from your first mag flake bath! These dissolve as soon as they hit the water. They help heal your sore muscles and they even detox your body. Detox that lactic acid build up which causes your muscles to be sore. Relax in a hot bath in the evening which will also help you get a restful night sleep.


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