True Form’s Vanilla Protein Powder


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True Form’s Vanilla Protein Powder is perfect for shakes or smoothies. It has 25g of protein, 2g of carbs and 0g of sugar.

Some of our ingredients in our Protein Powder you’ll read as ‘Fermented’, we’re super excited about this because… 

A. It’s rare to find fermented ingredients in a protein supplement (because it costs more and they are harder to find).

B. Fermentation helps improve the digestion process. 

Unfortunately in many cases protein powers cause digestion issues – they don’t help with digestion issues. 

So we wanted to flip the script and change that with our product. 

We chose fermented because it’ll make our ingredients easy to digest, utilize and absorb. Which means you’ll get more bang for your buck! 

Take a low quality supplement for example that says it has 20g of protein.Unfortunately, many people only see ‘20g of protein‘. They don’t look at the company (and what they stand for), the source of ingredients and what other ingredients may be impeding the absorption process. 

In a case like this – someone may only absorb 5-10g of protein because their body can’t utilize the full ‘20g/serving‘.So you’re not exactly getting more when you’re paying less. Choose better. Your body deserves it.

True Form's Protein Powder

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