Small Online Group Coaching (1 month/4 sessions)


Small group online training was meant for those looking to have a coach, maybe for accountability, maybe for coaching, a little expertise and for some direction.

The cost is only $20 per person for each session. The minimum size of the group is 3 (please contact before purchase if there is more than 3). We meet online so location will not be an issue.

Each group member commits to once a week for a min of 2 months, in which we’ll meet on a regular basis to help point you in the direction you’re looking to go.


Sometimes we have a group of friends that are looking for some accountability, sometimes we need a little direction and what better to have than a group of likeminded individuals that can come together to meet at the same time throughout the week or month to be able to come together and ask their questions and find some direction with whatever help they need.

I’ve recently introduced small online group coaching for those that would rather work with me in a small group instead of online. It’s always nice to have friends with us on this journey of help, it’s nice to have the added support as well.

Small online group coaching is cost effective and also gives you a chance to talk amongst friends that have similar questions so if one person asks a question the others in the group can hear the answer at the same time.

So how does this work?

If you have a group of 3 or more and have the ability to make time to meet each week or each month at the same time we can move forward. Each person pays $20 if this is a group of 3 (please inquire at the contact us page if you have a larger group), in advance and up front before we book our session.

It’s important to know upon going down this path you’ve committed to me and your other group members to meet on a regular basis which means if you cancel the appointment will still take place and you’ll miss out on that session.

The group session is 1 hr. Within this session you’re encouraged to bring any questions you have throughout the week with you, so I can help with whatever questions you have. Everyone will be given an equal amount of time to ask questions to be helped with their direct concerns each week.

What will we go over?

We will go over a plan for each individual within the group to help them start living a healthy lifestyle. I understand everyone is different and everyone needs a different path. This group is beneficial because usually when one person has a question, another person has a similar one. And we can all benefit from better understand how others have found success, what works and what doesn’t.

More specifically we’ll go over a meal plan for the group, and how to better plan and prepare meals. We’ll cover specific exercise and routines, along with a weekly plan to get your more active and working towards your goals.

And finally as a group we’ll help you set and achieve and work towards your goals so everything that you do coincides with the specific direction you’d like to go.

How do we meet?

We always meet online, not in person. We’ll do this through Skype or google hangouts (both free accounts and easy to set up).

*as a group you’ll need to commit to 2 months, once week per sessions