Spirulina Algae


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Blue Green Algae is a huge business in the East and has been used there for generations because of the unlimited health benefits.

Spirulina is a powerful Blue Green Algae that we consume daily. Not for detoxing benefits but it has plenty of other health benefits that makes it worthwhile to use on a regular basis.

In fact we’re often asked about a multivitamin supplement, the truth is it’s very hard to find a clean multivitamin without toxins included.

So at this point this Blue Green Algae is the closest thing we take that would be considered a multivitamin. Reason being they contain 40 vitamins and minerals with each dose.

Now I’m not saying don’t take any other vitamins or supplements for that matter. For example you still need Vit. D, Magnesium and depending on your genetic makeup or what you may be lacking in your diet, other supplements as well that you wouldn’t find in Algae.

Some of the Benefits of Spirulina include:

  • Increases energy because of it’s high Vit B content
  • Improves focus and brain health with Omega 3
  • High in protein with 18 amino acids
  • It’s also high in iron and nitric oxide which reduces fatigue
  • It can also boost your performance for sport and work

One of the main reasons we like to use and recommend these particular tabs is, they don’t come in a powder form which means you don’t have to hide the taste in smoothies (for those that don’t enjoy smoothies), all you do is pop these tiny, easy to swallow tabs and you can even have your greens on the go!

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