Success Journal (eBook)


There are so many benefits to writing a food journal. I have had more people than I can count tell me how much a food journal has helped them keep track of their daily food intake and keep them accountable as they work on improving their diet and lifestyle.

Given the fact that a food journal increases the success rate in a large way I got to thinking. I’m always trying to get better, trying to improve and experimenting on ways to better assist those that I work with to help them live healthier lives. There is no doubt in my mind this “Success Journal” will take your health to the next level. Not only will you stay accountable recording your food, but you’re going to have me as your personal coach, walking you through each day as you carry on with your 30 Day Lifestyle Detox.

Each day I’ve offered you an area to record your daily food and water intake. I’ve left room for notes and there are daily exercises and prompts to help you progress.

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Every journey begins with a single step and it’s time to take yours.

Don’t let procrastination deter you, don’t let mind clutter get in your way.

The best way to learn is by trial and tribulation, by experiencing the ups and downs your self; and we both know there has been plenty of that recently which is exactly what brought you here.

It’s time to take the plunge, it’s time to take action and put all of your new found knowledge to good use.

You should feel empowered by the knowledge you now have. You’ve been given the tools to increase your success, to start living a life of vitality.

Those yo-yo diets, the latest fad, the quick 10lbs, that’s all old news and that’s all behind you now. It’s time to embrace sustainability with your health, it’s time to take control of your health and understand your destiny of optimum health which lies within the choices you make every day.

Make the choice to begin, come with me on this journey, get ready to record, follow exercises, change your focus and find that person you’ve been looking for.

So let’s go, let’s walk together on this path and help you find your True Self!

Listen to my top 10 tips on how a success journal can take your health to the next level below!