The Difference Between a Protein Isolate and Meal Replacement

Drew & Dorothy

What’s the difference between an isolate and a meal replacement when it comes to protein supplements. As I often mention, not all supplements are created equally. They aren’t all the same.

You should decide what your goal is when looking for the right protein supplement for you. Most people think protein is simply for building muscle, which is a myth. Many others think protein supplements are only for those that workout or lift weights, also a myth.

I’ve also heard, ‘well I eat meat, so I don’t need added protein supplements’, another incorrect statement in my opinion.

Here’s a Fact. Most people don’t get enough nutrient in their diets. Even those that eat often or those that eat a lot of food at one time.

Most of us have heard of empty calories. It’s a real thing. If you’re eating low quality, highly processed food and think ‘I ate enough food today’ that wouldn’t be correct. We often say ‘choose better’ which is very important when it comes to food. We need to choose better if we want to give our bodies the nutrients it needs.

Let’s look at a protein isolate for example. An isolate means it’s high in one category which is protein and low in almost every other category.

True Form's Protein Powder

If you look at our nutritional facts for our Vanilla protein for example you’ll notice it’s high in protein with 25g, low in carbs with only 2, 0g sugar but no fats either.

Having a balanced diet with all the macronutrients is important on a number of different levels. So in this case, you wouldn’t take an isolate as a meal replacement. In fact, because all it has is protein in it, you’ll be hungry shortly after.

True Form's Protein Powder vs others

However you can turn your smoothie with a protein isolate into a complete meal with all the macronutrients. For example if you’re making a smoothie and you want it to be complete meal, you’d add your vanilla protein – for protein. Add – spinach and blueberries for antioxidants, add organic, gluten free rolled oats for complex carbs and avocado or hemp seeds for fats.

And now you have a complete smoothie with all your macronutrients.

However there are certain times it’s more beneficial to have an isolate. For example if you need quick digesting protein first thing in the morning – possibly before a workout, an isolate is a good idea.

Right after a workout is also a great time for an isolate to get those amino acids directly to your muscles. And what about carb heavy diets with is most of North America?

If you’re mainly eating carbs and are missing out on protein, supplementing with an isolate is a good idea. Think of a large past meal with garlic bread and a tiny side salad that most people don’t finish anyways because they’re so full from all the carbs. Balance this meal by having a protein isolate before your meal. This will help with digestion. Or have your protein isolate an hour or so after your meal.

When it comes to meal replacements an easier avenue is our Complete Truth Protein (CTP), which already has all your macronutrients. So if you were to add CTP to a smoothie, not a shake, which is what we recommend. Then it doesn’t matter much what you add to your smoothie because you already have all you need in macronutrients.


For example adding CTP to any fruit smoothie.

So why wouldn’t you just choose CTP all the time. In most cases, simply because people don’t know better. They think every protein supplement is the same, they think they’re all created equally.

Which is why people buy supplements like protein at the pharmacy or worse, Costco. The problem is, protein supplements are bombarded with low quality, cheap options with tons of fillers and toxins to make it look, taste and even smell amazing which all do more harm than good to our bodies.

So why else would you add protein to your diet? There’s LOTS of reasons. Protein can help speed up our metabolism, which can actually help us burn body fat. Note, that it must be the right kind of protein that is easy to digest. Hard to digest proteins will steal energy away from us.

Building lean muscle is another great reason to add protein to your diet. And I’m not talking about body building or ‘man arms’ if you’re a woman. It’s very hard to build ‘man arms’ it takes certain weight lifting techniques and a certain diet, which most people aren’t intersted in.

Lean muscle means less flabby arms, you know the double wave Oprah often talks about. I mean who doesn’t want arms like Monica from Friends (Courteney Cox) or Kelly Ripa?

Those nicely defined arms come from quality protein sources along with working out on a regular basis.

And don’t forget about healing properties. Your body needs protein to heal itself, from chronic pain to ligaments and joints, your body needs amino acids which is building blocks of protein to heal and protect itself.

I hope that helps you differentiate between protein isolates and meal replacement next time you’re on the look out for your next protein supplement.