TTR #3: Pushing Through Hypothermia

·      College mathematics professor for 20 years, receiving tenure 2 years ago at El Camino College in Torrance CA. 

·      Born and raised in Los Angeles, currently living in Hermosa Beach.

·      Bachelors and Masters degree from Loyola Marymount University.

·      For almost 12 years, I was a “freeway flyer” teaching at 3-4 colleges a semester, just trying to make ends meet. I was FINALLY lucky enough be hired full time as a Professor at El Camino in 2013.

·      During that time, I was spending more time in my car than anywhere else. Just driving, teaching, eating, driving, teaching, eating…eating junk food on the run all day. I was probably 25-30 pounds heavier than I am now.

pushing through hypothermia

·      My sister asked if I would run a 5k with her in 2010. I trained my butt off and while my time was less than stellar (36 minutes. My current PR is 20:06!), I was hooked.  I ran track in grade school and loved it, but nothing after that. The 5k in 2010 was what started this entire triathlon thing.

·      In 2012 I ran my first half-marathon (Orange County Marathon) in 2:36. It was slow but steady. I was so proud of myself and at the same time it was beyond my comprehension how someone could run TWICE that. It boggled my mind.

·      In 2014 I did a “reverse” tri in Los Alamitos (called ‘Race on the Base’). I literally had to borrow someone’s bike, swim cap and bathing suit. Even though it was a ‘super sprint’ race, I was absolutely in love with the sport. I felt that if I could really get into it, it would allow me to be active longer in life by biking and swimming instead of running all the time. Less pounding on the joints.

·      Since 2014, I’ve gone on to complete countless half-marathons, sprint and Olympic distance triathlon races, 2 Gran Fondo bike races, 7 half-Ironman races (PR of 5:26 at 70.3 Santa Cruz in 2018), 1 full Ironman (Ireland 2019 – now THAT is a hell of a story), Chicago Marathon (where I BQed with 3:39 finish) and named an Ironman All World Athlete in 2018 and 2019 (Top 5% in my Age Group).

·      I will be running the NYC Marathon in November for charity (Team Autism Speaks). It’s been such a humbling experience raising the money for this great cause. Running the race for a cause bigger than myself is going to truly be something special.

·      Non-athletic fun fact: In college I was the drummer in an all-girl pop/punk band who was produced by one of the members of the 80’s band The Go-Go’s.

·      2019 sponsors/team member:

o   Wattie Ink Hit Squad Team

o   SBR Product Ambassador

o   NUUN Ambassador

o   BOCO Gear MVP Team

·      Local club affiliations:

o   LA Tri Club

o   South Bay Running Club

o   Tower 26


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