Quality of Food

I often hear how someone was just tested for a certain allergen. In fact in today’s day in age with all the allergies going around with low quality foods it seems to be the norm to be tested for gluten, dairy and more.

I don’t remember how many times I recently heard, ‘I’ve just been diagnosed with’, or ‘I just found out I’m…’. Now I’m not being insensitive here. I really believe we have now become allergic to certain types of food but that certainly didn’t happen overnight. We used to have quality foods with gluten in them, 20 years ago diary wasn’t the same as it is now. With all the garbage on the market, with packaged foods, mass production and the mindset of sales sales sales, many of our choices in the grocery store certainly aren’t directed at our health.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold ourselves accountable, it doesn’t mean packed food is our only choice and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t read labels. With microwave dinners, low quality foods and eating out we’ve chosen not to put our health first, which is alarming when we know that obesity has never been so high, child obesity and child diabetes is only getting worse, in fact this is the only generation that isn’t expected to outlive their parents. How shocking is that? But we still buy the nonsense our bodies can’t recognize as food, we still look for the cheapest priced foods, and I can only guess we know this means it’s the lowest quality foods.

Then it gets to the point where we’re finally tested and then ‘diagnosed’, so we think it’s the companies fault, or we think we can’t consume dairy anymore or our favourite one being gluten. The fact of the matter is, it’s rarely the gluten in the product, it’s the actual product itself. It’s not the dairy either, we abuse our bodies so long with alcohol, tobacco, refined sugar (which are all drugs) and then we look to ONE allergen, which simply doesn’t add up to me. When’s the last time we went to the store and didn’t buy something in a package? When did we choose whole foods and ignore the ‘gluten’ free sticker? We haven’t not done so in a long time and what’s worse is now we don’t even consider the quality of food we’re eating, we’re considering if it has gluten, dairy, gmo’s and more. I designed my product so it’s free of all these allergens not to avoid the allergens but to offer a quality food. And this isn’t a plug for my product, it just seemed to fit. I’m not against the dairy industry or the gluten industry (if there is one), I’m against cheap foods and then blaming something in the ‘food’ instead of looking for better quality.

We were designed with strong bodies, ones that are supposed to get stronger over time, we’re supposed to evolve into ‘better’ not weaker or worse. Our bodies fight off the worst diseases, we heal, regenerate, we grow new cells! And we think one thing will break us down. It’s the low quality that’s hurting us, it’s substances and manufacturing and choices that doesn’t give our bodies a chance to heal, adjust and get stronger.

How about we consider the quality of food first and then what allergen we should avoid. What if there was a ‘diagnosis’ for eating too many low quality foods, that’s a laugher. Because if we took out all the low quality foods first then we wouldn’t have to consider what’s in it or what our bodies now reject.

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