Reduce Stress from Work

We all know what it’s like to be stressed out at work during the week. Given that we’re away from the stresses of work on the weekend, why not look to reduce stress from work by detoxing on the weekend.

You’d think the weekend would be a great time to relax, detox your body and reduce stress. Unfortunately that’s rarely the way it goes. We have the TV blaring most of the weekend, we choose comfort foods which are usually highly processed and unhealthy that fill our body with toxins; and whether we’re drinking the night away or staying up late we find ourselves especially tired instead of rejuvenated and alive.

reduce stress from work
Try to avoid highly process or comfort foods on the weekend that only increases stress


So what’s the opposite?

The opposite is getting a restful night sleep, it’s healing your body from a stressful week at work. And I’m not talking about a weekend fast or a soup detox to ‘improve your health’ which rarely does.

I’m talking about unwinding, going to bed earlier so you can get a good night sleep; I’m talking about feeling fantastic on Monday morning looking to get back to work and solve all the issues you left on Friday.

Once again, unfortunately we go to work groggy with a sugar hangover, we’re less rested having a couple days off and you hear more people complain about Monday morning than happy to start all over feeling great.

So how can we reduce stress from work by detoxing?

We can start out by having some sort of plan that will take you through the weekend. The biggest issue on the weekends is, we’re out of our regular routines. We don’t have dinner planned so we order in, we don’t have snacks prepared so we hit the pantry; we pretty much just go with it which makes it extremely hard to stay healthy. By having a plan we can avoid everything that entails not being prepared.

Treat the weekend like it’s a time for rejuvenation!

Why not a plan a walk out with the family instead a night out with the guys?

Why not get active with your spouse which could be anything from riding a bike to skating at an outdoor rink?

Plan to take a drive to the country, to the mountains or to the beach alone. There’s nothing wrong with being alone and we all need it from time to time. Take some time for yourself and feel how great it is to get away once in awhile.

What if you decide to do something active with friends and family or even by yourself instead of sitting on the couch with the TV on all weekend? By getting some fresh air, your blood circulating and endorphins flowing, you give yourself a chance to naturally detox and get rid of toxic built up in your body from all the stress at work.

Get some sleep!

Now I’m not talking about getting some rest like sleeping in till noon and laying on the couch for the rest of the day. I’m talking about getting some good rest that your body needs. Shawn Stevenson talked about how to improve your sleep in a recent Exploring Mind and Body Episode. He also mentioned turning the TV off 90 minutes before bed time.

I know this sounds like a stretch to many given the fact that most people sleep with a TV in the bedroom, which falls under another tip of his, which is get rid of the TV in your bedroom. Shawn even mentions how a TV in the bedroom reduces sex for couples up to 50%.

But think about it for a second, we leave our TV’s on till late in the evening all week long. We’re tired, stressed out and get little rest. Do you think the TV could contribute to that just a little? And even if you don’t, why not experiment and try something new?

Make your home Zen like

  • Try lighting some Himalayan Salt lamps throughout your home, you’d be surprised at how calming they are.
  • Burning essential oils is a nice way to change the fragrance in the house and even change the energy.
  • Instead of loud music, TV or phones blaring the latest music on the radio, try some soft Zen music instead.
  • Open up the windows and let some fresh air in, even if it’s winter and it’s freezing outside. Opening the windows for just a few minutes could make a big difference in refreshing your home.
  • Try stretching or even meditating at home even if you aren’t used to it.
  • How about a facial at home? You’d be surprised how great you feel after your own pampering.
fountain to reduce stress from work
A fountain is a great way to reduce stress from work and create a Zen like atmosphere at home


You don’t need to go to the spa to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and alive again, you can do it all at home.

Leave your work at home

As difficult as it is, start getting in the habit of leaving your work at home both mentally and physically. Work is on your mind all week long, you’re stressed out about this deal or that sale. Do yourself a favor and step away from everything that’s going on a work, and relax on the weekend.

I understand it’s not as easy as it sounds but that’s why we work on creating positive habits. The more we do it the easier it will come. So start small, you can leave your laptop at work, use a different phone for work and personal, stop checking email and don’t make yourself as assessable as you are at work to whomever wants to reach you for work reasons.

I suggest bringing a note book home with you and only write down what comes up. Don’t run to your computer and send an email when an idea comes up, write it down and address it first thing Monday morning or throughout the week.

Switch Your Priorities Around

We usually have family, friends or a hobby we neglect during the week (or at least put lower on the priority scale). Flip that mind set around on the weekend. Make sure your family is first, not work; make sure your friend knows you care about them and put morning breakfast on the top of the list instead of the bottom. Show your spouse you love them with a surprise trip, gift or even just a thoughtful card.

Whatever it is you decide to do, switch your priorities around and realize there are other things to focus on when you’re not at work.

Wake up how you go to sleep

Or at least wake up how you should go to sleep. Without an alarm or music blaring, without the TV on, without rushing around like you’re late for an important meeting.

Natural light is the best way to help your eyes adjust, so if you live in an area where the sun is shining in the morning, slowly open the curtains or blinds to let just a little bit of light through, then a little more and a little more until the blinds are completely open and your eyes have adjusted properly.

How about some soft music, it could be Zen, it could be beach music or whatever else you find calming. And if you’re a different kind of person put on some upbeat music to wake you up and get you going but try to avoid the morning news, whatever is on the radio or whatever channel is on the TV.

I always suggest a proper morning routine, simply because the most successful people in the world all have their own. If you want to be successful or even if you don’t, try to create some sort of routine to get your day started off right.

And Lastly

Change your mind set. Understand that the way you treat your weekends now add to your stress instead of reduce it. You should also understand that, all these habits you’ve formed both through the week and on the weekend are formed habits that can be changed.

Whatever you’re doing that stresses you out throughout the week can be reconsidered given time and effort so you’re not stressed out on the weekends to begin with.

As for the weekends, we know we stay up late because we don’t have to get up early for work. We know we don’t make the best food choices, don’t exactly plan as we do (or should do) during the week; and finally we know with some effort we can change our weekends from more stress to less stress so we feel better throughout the week.

I’d love to hear from you. How do you reduce stress from work on the weekends?