Reducing Teacher Stress

Are you a stressed out teacher that could use some help? Do you feel like you never have time for yourself? Are you always putting yourself last? We know how you feel.

Meal prep, haha that’s funny. Working out? Make me laugh some more. And finding time to reduce stress in your life doesn’t even seem like an option let alone a reality.

Read on if this is you, and watch the video below because as a full time teacher for 8 years Dorothy Keith knows exactly where you are, because she was there herself.

Lack of energy, stressed out, even digestive issues. Dorothy actually thought hummus and veggies was lunch, she thought popcorn was a healthy dinner and she even thought coffee and a pastry was proper breakfast.

She went from exactly where you are to feeling fantastic, to taking control of her health and taking her power back! No she wasn’t always a nutrition and fitness fanatic, it took years for her to learn what we want to teach you.

If you’re looking to increase your energy, reduce your stress, and start to feel better about yourself there’s no better time to start than right now!

With another school year here, there’s a large number of teachers preparing for another year of everything that’s involved in being a teacher, which most people wouldn’t really know unless they’ve experienced the profession themselves.

Fortunately for you and us, we have a hidden card on our side. None other than the very talented Dorothy Keith who has been a full time teacher for 8 years understands exactly what it takes to be in the teaching profession which is why we want to offer a program specific to teachers.

Teaching is Stressful!

Teaching is stressful, it’s challenging dealing with so many kids, even more parents. There’s administration and rules to follow, reports cards and more. And on top of that, where is there time for ‘us’? When can we spend time on ourselves as a busy teacher, when do we get to relax and take care of ourselves?

The truth is teachers wear many hats which rarely entails self care and putting themselves on the list at all let alone first.

So what we’ve decided to do is, put together a Teacher Specific program. We understand how much teachers help others but who’s thinking of them? We are….

We want teachers to find some stress relief, we want to offer support when there’s no where to go. We want to be able to answer questions when you need to relax and take some time to reduce stress and detox your mind and body.

We’ve been doing programs like this for years now, we’ve even worked with teachers but we’ve never put together a specific program directed towards teachers needs. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to get this started!

Reducing Teacher Stress

What does the program entail?

Since stress is one of the leading factors in teachers lives, one of the main portions of this program will be directed towards teaching you how to reduce stress in many different ways. How can you reduce mind clutter, emotional stress and physical stress?

Fuelling your body properly is another part of this program. We understand the busy lifestyle teachers have, running from home to school, trying to balance your own family, kids and spouses. So regarding nutrition we’ll tell you exactly what to buy, what to prepare and how to prepare it.

We’ll show you how to create healthy snacks, we’ll even show you how to save time in the kitchen and if you’re not sure how to prepare lunches or what to take with you to school we’ll show you how to do that to.

And finally, we understand that time is a challenge being a busy teacher but we’ll show you how to be more active as well. We have at home workouts we’d love to share with you which means you’ll save time from traveling to the gym and back, finding parking, waiting for equipment.

None of that here; in 20 minutes or less and without equipment we’ll show you how to boost your metabolism and get your body in a fat burning stage which will not only help you drop inches and feel great but you’ll gain a natural boost of energy as well!

And if you’re not ready for at home workouts we’ll still show you how to be more active, and great it feels to get your blood flowing and energy pumping!

If that’s not enough we’ll put everyone in a private and supportive group to give you a safe place to ask questions, vent – share your success stories and frustrations and be there for you to help you through workouts, stress relief, nutrition and more.

Where is the group held?

It seems as though facebook is a place where many people spend their time anyways, which makes it a convenient platform to host a group like this. All we need to do is send you an invite for you to gain access to the private group which is where we’ll be posting information, answering your questions and being there for support.

How long is the group and how much does it cost?

There is no cost. Seriously. The group is 14 days, our goal is to show you how to start the year off with a bang! Create healthy habits, get you moving your body and preparing food, all while keeping your mind and body in a reduced stress state.

When does the group start?

We’d like to start soon since the school year is here. But keep in mind this is a new idea, so our goal is to start as soon as possible, but we need teachers to sign up before we get the ball rolling.

As soon as we have a good number of teachers that notify us that they’re ready to go, we’ll let you know the date that we’ll start.

And yes we know that September is a busy time, but we need to get you started as soon as possible before you’re too stressed out to start, before you’re too busy to think about yourself and before you need to take a medical day just to gather yourselves from the busy rush of another new year. 

How do I sign up!?

Simply let us know you’d like to join us for this 14 day kick start to a new year by leaving a comment below or sending a message to

If you have any questions let us know in the comments below! Please consider sharing this with with friends and co-workers that need some help, that are low in energy and could use some ways to reduce stress throughout the year.

We look forward to working with each and every one of you!