You should see the look on people’s faces when I tell them I never plan on retirement.
It’s a mixture of disbelief, confusion and maybe insulting?

I feel like most people are thinking… wait till you’re my age. But the fact is, retirement hasn’t always been a thing. In fact, it’s only been a couple generations where it’s even been a thought, let alone an option.

Mr. Franklin Roosevelt created social security during the Great Depression in the early 1900’s. Did you know the life expectancy at that time was only 62 years old!? And social security didn’t kick in until the age of 65, haha. Which of course is laughable. Most people didn’t even get their social security (including Roosevelt – not that he needed it). But I suppose at least the idea gave very depressed and needy people something to look forward to.

Back to our current time frame because we know history bores people ;). Maybe I should say I never plan on ‘fully retiring’. Would that be an easier statement for people to digest?

I love to work. Work, in part, is a hobby, I’m just fortunate enough that I can get paid for parts of my ‘hobby’. That’s why I say I don’t plan on retiring or quitting something that I love.

But I used to be in construction, and didn’t like that much so one could say I decided to retire from that.

Here’s the thing, how many people do you know that have retired, and then went back to work either because they couldn’t afford not to work financially or they were terribly bored and found another job to pass their time?

The life expectancy right now is about 82 years old. So if you’re healthy you can easily expect to reach your early 90’s. That’s about 30 years MORE than when ‘retirement’ was created!!!

Think about that for a moment, back in the day people didn’t have to worry about living past their ‘old age pension’, most died before they even got it! And now we have to figure out how we’re going to live without a job for 30 years? It’s madness if you ask me.

No wonder people go back to work after they realize they need something to do for 30 more years, or they needed to squirrel away A LOT more money to retire at an early age (early age being 65).

I feel like retirement was more of a trendy thing that in reality ultra rich people talked about and others thought it sounded cool and wanted to do it too.

For me, I knew early on that I wanted to design the life of my dreams, and find a job (or hobby) so I never had to retire. I mean not if I didn’t want to. And like I was saying before, it’s not like I plan on doing the same exact thing I’m doing for work now. I’d imagine more delegation will be coming in the future, more charities and non profits created, which some may call ‘work’ but I may call ‘retirement’.

Taking a month off when I want, flying a boat or plane when I choose, or planting a garden and watching my veggies grow… Then going back to work to something I enjoy to pass the time when I’m not spending time with my loved ones (unless I’m fortunate enough to have the littles work with me when they are older), sounds like a great life to me.

And don’t get me started on someone else telling me when I should be retiring after I spend my life building a business that I love…

I don’t mean this to sound insensitive. Everyone is in a different position in life. And as much as I feel everyone is in control of their own destiny, maybe this mind set or lifestyle plan isn’t in the cards for everyone.

All I’m trying to do is shine light in a slightly different way on a topic that seems to be so conventional by the masses; something that doesn’t seem to make sense to me and doesn’t seem to be working out for most of us that have been brought up to look forward to the day you can ‘retire and really start living your life’.

Regardless of what you choose, I hope you choose happiness because in the end, that’s all that really matters. And by now we all know money has little to do with that.