Right Side of History

Not exactly sure what I can write or what words get flagged.

I’ve already been warned numerous times, I’ve had posts taken down and I’ve been locked out from sharing my truth and my perspective. Which is what I thought social media was created for.

All that being said, let me say, if I’m able…

What the news calls these peaceful gatherings is nothing short of a blatant lie. Anyone that has been to one or several knows the truth.

To use the words that label and discredit those of us strong enough to stand up for our beliefs comes from fear not love. Fear that the truth will come out no matter how many lies are spread.

To witness moments of normalcy in the chaos. Smiles, Laughter and hugs. Without fear being spread by those in seemed fear themselves only looking for more power. This is one of the few times in over 2 years I’ve spent in a large group and life seemed normal.

It was lovely to walk with so many cheering, chanting and singing. All love for one cause, for one mission.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be apart of some of the 60’s protests that we only see in movies.

Now I know. I also know when this chaos is over and the truth wins out, I’ll be able to stand on the right side history. I’ll be able to tell my kids and grand kids I stood for something no matter what they said about us or how few would.

And I’ll never be ashamed of standing up for what I believe. Never. #wethefringe #trueformlife 😎