Save a Christmas Tree πŸŽ„

Oh boy, ok here we go. New ideas are at times challenging to to share because you never know what people will think. Even more challenging when it comes to environmental stuff because those posts rarely get much interest.
This is the first time I’m taking action towards making a difference in this kind of way. So here goes….

We came across these trees that would otherwise have been plowed to create more farmland for crops. I didn’t want to see that happen. So our Christmas tree idea was born.

Personally, given how much I care for the environment, I always felt a little guilty for chopping down a Christmas tree at this time of year but fake trees don’t make it feel like Christmas (at least to me).

So I thought, why not a potted Christmas tree that can be planted after the Christmas season instead of thrown in a dump!

Save a Christmas Tree πŸŽ„

This probably sounds crazy, but what we did was dig these trees out, then we potted them. And now we’re offering them to you with a couple different options. We can decorate them for you, or you can decorate them yourselves.
As long as they are taken care of, they should last inside until warmer weather comes and we can plant them back outside. Here’s an extra idea though! If you want to return them to us, we’ll take them and plant them back on some land close to where they came. We’ll bring them home so to speak πŸ˜‰.

Or maybe you want to plant them in your own yard and think about that Christmas you saved a tree every time you look at it.

Pricing will come, for now it’s just an idea. Of course there’s a limited amount, we only had so much time before the snow hit and well, here it is.

We certainly wouldn’t be able to ship these but if you know someone close they’d be a great gift! They don’t take up much space, they smell lovely and even if you buy fake trees this is a nice way to help us save a tree this year that can be planted when the spring comes!

Tree Price

Size Non-Decorated Decorated
Mini $15$25
Small $25$35
Large $45$55
*Tax not included in these prices
Save a Christmas Tree πŸŽ„

These are going quickly! Thanks to Jenelle who is getting one for her little one Leo, to John who is grabbing a few, Darlene who is getting one for her mom, Krystal who is helping Megan get one for her college place and Janice as well.

If we’ve talked about it or if you’re interested let me know soon please, so we can make sure we have one for you and so we can get them out to you! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Thanks so much everyone! This project has been so much fun already!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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