Setting BETTER Goals

I’m convinced there’s a better way to set and achieve goals which will hopefully encourage more people to set goals. So this is my experiment which I’ll be sharing with you all over the next 30 days (or 25 ;)).


Set Goal: Only you can set a goal, no one can set a goal for you. It must be something that interests you, something that inspires you, maybe something that youโ€™ve always wanted to do, but never took action steps towards.This doesnโ€™t have to be physical, it could be financial, spiritual, etc. The main reason people donโ€™t set goals is because fear of failure. OR because they were never taught how…. My Goal: Walk on hands for 10 seconds. Currently, can hold a handstand for 2-3 secs


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  • Most goals set don’t seem all that significant to the person that’s doing them (important note).

*Sub Goal – hoping to inspire others to set goals (however this isnโ€™t under my control – itโ€™s important to set goals around what you can control). Ie. Weight loss goals donโ€™t work because thereโ€™s too many factors that arenโ€™t able to be controlled. Losing weight is a by product of living a healthy lifestyle so focus on what you can control. Ie. number of workouts, health meals, staying active, being positive etc.

Why did I choose this Goal: Iโ€™ve always wanted to learn to do this, this is an experiment to lead by example, I think itโ€™s cool when I see someone walking on their hands. I also want to challenge my body physically.

Find an accountability Partner or Group: Fitness Family

Plan for accountability: Check in regularly with Fit Fam (daily or a few times a week so they donโ€™t get tired of my handstand updates ;)).

Find a mentor that you can ask questions to:Iโ€™ve reached out to several on Instagram – and have already heard back from 2 of them.

Training or plan of action:

  • Found a 30 day tutorial online – 30 day handstand program
  • Practice handstands everyday for 20 minutes

Goal Breakdown:

In 10 days – hold a handstand for 5 seconds without support *celebration =Mexican Dinner

In 20 days – walk on hands for 5 seconds *celebration = acupuncture

In 30 days – be able to walk on my hands for 10 seconds *celebration = 1 Night Stay at 5 star hotel in the Mountains


This are very important! Itโ€™s important to set little accomplishments for yourself so you have something to look forward to, something that excites you, something to work towards. A constant reminder of why you’re putting in the work each day.Find small and larger celebrations to get you excited and push you closer towards reaching your goals! *Disclaimer: Food is an okay goal, but in most cases I donโ€™t feel food should be a reward.


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Create Clarity

See how specific these goals are? In exactly 10 days I hope to be able to hold a handstand for exactly 5 seconds without support.This is a much different statement than, โ€˜I will hold a handstand in about 10 daysโ€™.I have broken down the 30 day time frame into 3 sections, and set goals for each section being 10 day increments. Which means I have something to strive for every 10 days. Which is much easier that working towards just one goal for 30 days. It doesn’t have to be 10 days – this is a good time frame for me personally. But it should be less than your main goal.

The Celebrations are very specific as well. I clearly listed exactly what I want to do. I very much enjoy Mexican and donโ€™t have it very often. This is a smaller reward.I chose acupuncture because I think itโ€™s cool, Iโ€™m very interested in this modality and always plan to do it but never do. This costs a bit more than the sushi, itโ€™s a little more extreme and it excites me to have it done.

So again it’s something personal to me (why someone else can’t set these for you including your goal) and it’s something that both interests me and excites me. Setting a celebration like: ‘having a nice dinner somewhere isn’t good enough. The last and biggest reward for my biggest and main goal is the stay in a 5 star hotel. Iโ€™ve stayed in a 5 star a few times before. Itโ€™s amazing.

Thinking about this โ€˜celebration or rewardโ€™ will most certainly help me push past the days when I have less motivation because I know without accomplishing my goal, this wonโ€™t be waiting for me. Expensive? Yes. But Iโ€™ve already started saving for it. Talked to Dorothy about it – which offers extra support, and we have a clear plan on how to make this happen.Which doesnโ€™t mean your reward/s has to be expensive. It just needs to be something unique, different, exciting and inspiring to help you get from the start to end of wherever youโ€™re working towards.

Bonus Material

Continued after the 30 day Goals:

3 month goal – walk on or down a set of stairs on hands

6 month goal – handstand push up – no support

1 year goal – slackline handstand

Exploring Mind and Body #487: How to turn your wants into achievements
Exploring Mind and Body #487: How to turn your wants into achievements
Why are continued goals important?

So you have something to strive for after your goal. So you have something in the back of your mind knowing โ€˜this isnโ€™t the endโ€™, when youโ€™re finished this one goal, you have another still waiting for you.Many people deal with post goal depression. Meaning they literally go through a type of depression or sadness even after theyโ€™ve accomplished their goal because of all the hype and because they havenโ€™t considered what theyโ€™ll do after this is done.

So here we go, I’m not only hoping to accomplish this goal and take you along with me. But I’m hoping when I’m done, I’ll get some volunteers to try this process to see if it’ll work for them.And of course if anyone wants to try this while I’m doing mine as well, I’d love that too!

How to turn your wants into achievements – Facebook Live