There are my different kinds of protein.  If you are using a protein that isn’t natural be careful which brand you go with, the cheapest brand isn’t always the best choice.  You usually get what you pay for.  A more expensive brand of protein may put more time into processing their product which means you get more bang for you buck.  Your body doesn’t use all of the protein the cheaper brands produce which means if the label says 20g/serving your body is only using 10g/serving.  Let’s talk about some of the options you have.

Whey is probably the most popular protein used.  This comes from cows milk and depending on which company you chose, different products are added.  Extra amino acids are added as well as different vitamins the body uses to build muscle.  Whey is a quick digesting protein and is best used before or after a workout or in the morning.

Casein protein is another kind that comes from cows milk which is processed differently.  This is a slower digesting protein which is best used before bed or if you won’t get a chance to get food into you for an extended period of time.

Egg White Protein Powder is a complete protein and is exactly what it says.  They separate the yolks which holds most of the cholesterol and fat.  The body should use 100% of this as opposed to some sythetic additives that are in other powders.

Pea Protein comes from actual pea pods.  This is a more pure protein that doesn’t have the added flavors, it comes from a vegetable so if you don’t want an animal based product this is a good choice.  Pea protein is high in arginine which many serious lifters take separately from another product like the ever popular NO-Explode.  The main product of NO-Explode is the amino acid arginine that gives you that ‘pump’ many lifters are after.  Great for a pre workout shake.

Hemp Protein like the pea protein is another natural protein which comes from hemp seeds.  There is a large number of health benefit from hemp seed you are able to ingest if you put it in a shake.  This is a good source of protein if you are looking for natural and non animal properties.

I have a number of shakes listed below that you are welcome to try.  Remember is it always recommended to change up you source of protein.  This is the same as food, changing your protein powders keeps your body changing and adjusting to meet you health and fitness goals.  Try different protein to see which your body likes most.  Some people have problems digesting different types of proteins.  So if you tried a protein shake and you felt sick after wards it doesn’t mean you can have protein shakes it means you should try a different source.  In most of the options below I only list ‘protein’ not the kind, that will be up to your preference.

And finally remember that shakes are always good to supplement a diet not substitute.  Food is always the best source of nutrients.

Personally I use a natural protein source and try to always add hemp seeds and flax seeds for their nutrition properties.


1 scoop of protein

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 frozen bananna


1 cup rice crispies

1 scoop of quick digesting protein

1/2 frozen banana

2 tbsp flax seed

Chocolate Almond Smoothie (antioxidant-rich)

Simply blend all the ingredients together in a blender. Smoothies can be kept refrigerated for up to 3 days, thought they’re best when fresh.

1 banana

2 fresh or soaked dried dates

2 cups cold water (or 1 ½ cups water plus 1 cup ice)

¼ cup almonds (or 2 tbsp raw almond butter)

1 tbsp ground flaxseed

1 tbsp hemp protein

1 tbsp roasted carob powder (or cacao nibs to make smoothie 100% raw)

Makes about 3 ½ cups, or 2 large servings

My Choices

Option A

1 apple

1 banana

tbsp hemp seed

tbsp flax seed

1/2 rolled oats

cinnamon for taste (also known to burn body fat)

My Personal Favorite

1 pear

1 banana

tbsp hemp seed

tbsp flax seed

grated ginger for taste (also known to help with joints)

Another Option

3 banana’s (frozen or fresh)

2 heaping tablespoons of raw cocoa

6-7 ice cubes

3-5 figs depending on size

small handful of goji berries

tablespoon of hemp seeds

small shot of agave nectar for sweetening

1-2 heaping spoons of your favourite protein powder


mix it in the blender on high for 10-15 seconds

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