I don’t think there is a ‘right’ religion.  I think whatever you believe is right for you.  I like to listen to every religions, beliefs and values and have an open mind about it.  Right or wrong that is what believe.

Buddhism and the study of Zen (or sitting, which is what you will soon read) has great ideas about quieting your mind. Most of the time we can’t quiet our minds when we are stressed out or can’t sleep or any number of other problems we run into during day to day life.

I found this write up in a book called ‘Eat, Sleep Sit’, My Year At Japan’s Most Rigorous Zen Temple.
I thought if you do or want to try meditation sitting would be a good start.

“The study of Zen means the practice of sitting.
First, to practice sitting, you need a quiet place.  Use a thick mat and do not let in smoke or drafts.  Keep out the damp.  The place for sitting should be carefully and properly maintained.  It should be warm and not too dark in day or night.  In winter it should be heated, and in summer it should be pleasantly cool.
Leave behind all attachments and bonds and keep yourself entirely at rest.  Do not dwell on thoughts of good things or bad.  Sitting is neither contemplation nor meditation.  Do not think of it as a means for attaining enlightenment.  Rid yourself of superficial notions of sitting and lying down.
When you practice sitting, wear a mantle and use a cushion.
Don’t sit on the entire cushion but only on the front, placing it under your buttocks.  This is the way of sitting that has been passed down from buddha to buddha and from ancestor to ancestor.

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