Staying Healthy While Eating Out

I wouldn’t say it’s exactly realistic to never eat out again now that you’ve decided to make healthier nutrition choices. The social aspect alone, spending time with friends and family doesn’t need to be avoided all together.
However it can be difficult to stay healthy when eating out. There are so many temptations from drinks to appetizers. But there are things that we can do to help us stay on track when you’re enjoying time out.
staying healthy while eating out

Tips to Staying Healthy While Eating Out

Sharing a meal – is a good one, which will help with costly bills when eating out, this will also prevent you from overeating. We all know what it feels like to go out to a restaurant and wonder if you’ll be able to waddle back to the car or if they’ll have to roll you out.

By sharing a meal, it will be difficult to over eat, and you will also save money. You don’t have to break the bank every time you want to enjoy company or get out of the house. Share an appetizer, and share a meal. This is usually more than enough food. And who’s to says you can’t go home and make yourself a healthy snack in the evening.

Skip the drink – drinks are expensive and usually highly toxic to the body. This is another great way to save money and to avoid putting empty calories in your body. I used to feel cheap when ordered water and always thought the waitress or my company may think I can’t afford it.

Small chance other will judge you, regardless of what others might think, do this for yourself, make this decision for your body and feel good about it!

Avoiding salad dressing – another toxin that puts an enormous amount of stress on our bodies. Ask for the dressing on the side so you can control how much you are consuming. It’s best to dip a fork of greens in your dressing instead of trying to find them marinating on your plate in the dressing.

Also order a lighter dressing like the vinaigrette; these tend to be cleaner and have less chemicals in them.

Order more veggies – if you’re a non meat eater, ask the server to take out the meat and add more veggies. If you’re having noodles in your dish, ask for half the rice and double the veggies. Many times veggies are the least amount of food on your plate. Be sure to ask for more, this is where you’ll get most of your nutrients from.

Being conscious of what you are ordering – if you have a plan going in, if you know you’re trying to stay on track, order a dish that’s at least relatively healthy. Avoid the appetizer type of platters, these ones we all know isn’t a good choice.

Avoid deep fried or breaded foods – this one goes without saying. Look or ask for grilled chicken for example, request greens for your side or other veggies instead of fries. There is usually many different options and if not we can by pass all together and enjoy the healthy version of what is being offered.

Go in with a plan – likely the most important thing you can do is go into dinner with a plan. Do some research if you must, most menus are online now. Know how much food you are going to order, which dish and even what drink.

Knowing that you have a plan going in will make it much easier to stay on track once all the temptations start to present themselves.

5 More tips to help you stay on track!

 #1. Create a weekly meal plan

I can’t tell you how much success I’ve seen with those that create a weekly meal plan. It seems like it’ll take more time to do this but you’ll actually find it, it’ll save you time throughout the week. This will also carry over to some of the other tips.

#2. In your meal plan schedule a night to go out

I know it sounds like over planning and I also know it’s fun to do things spur of the moment but this will reduce so much stress in your life. If you actually plan ahead and schedule this night there are so many advantages to find a healthier place to go out. We’ll get into more in the tips below but make sure you plan a night to go out.

#3. Stick especially close to your meal plan

If you’re know you’re going out, it’s that much more important to stick close to your meal plan. You’ll reduce a large amount of stress, if you stick close to your meal plan and almost treat your night out as a reward for doing such a good job all week long. (However, this doesn’t mean it’s time to over indulge and eat whatever you like, be conscious of the food you’re putting your body and pay attention to how it makes you feel).

#4. Consider a digestive enzyme and or a probiotic supplement

Personally I think we should have a probiotic in some for everyday. If you know you’re going out this is especially important so you can prepare your gut and body for foods it’s not used to. Try to have some type of probiotic in the morning, pop a few digestive enzymes before dinner and you can even order a side of fermented food with dinner (my favourite side dish is Kimchi, not only for taste but to help my gut digest foods I’m not used to consuming). *I also highly recommend Puradyme’s digestive enzyme.

#4. Find a better option

If you’re stopping somewhere last mind try to find a better option. If its’ a main stream place we usually know if they have any type of better option at all. These days we can even find healthier options in fast food restaurants, so do you best to make a wise decision for your body and health.

#5. Let go of guilt

Guilt, by far, does more damage to your mind and body than the actual meal. So if the wheels fall off, do your best to let it go. You’re not doing anyone any good by replaying your not so good decision over and over again in your mind. Let it go, move on and do better the next day.

I hope these tips helped give you a better idea of how you can reduce stress, eat out guilt free because you really can. Enjoy life, make better decisions, enjoy the little things and improve your decisions on day at a time.

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