Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

This past weekend Drew and I attended a really fun and exciting workshop called Code Breakers. The days were long and packed full of information but we enjoyed it so much. The focus was on personality decoding and how to serve your customers, clients, friends, family better by speaking in their personality “code”.  So fascinating!

I loved sitting and learning. I loved being organized and taking notes. I loved making connections. I loved talking and getting to know new people. I loved the fun and excitement.

Yesterday morning they told us that in the afternoon we would be breaking out into groups to test our knowledge and to see if we could master breaking other peoples code through a short 3 minute interaction with them.

Picture speed dating but the intention is not to find a date the goal is to break the other persons personality code.

Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

Well my gosh, the NERVES, the sweat, the butterflies in my stomach all started to overcome me. It was 9:00 o’clock in the morning and I was already worried about what was going to happen at 2:00pm

I wasn’t nervous about talking to other people. That I actually love. People and talking are my thing haha I was nervous about failure. I was worried about being wrong. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to ask the right questions to crack anyone’s code. What if I sucked at it???

When I talked to Drew about how I was feeling his reply was “who cares if you are wrong or don’t get any right. It is going to be FUN!!!”

I tried so hard to embrace the FUN of the activity but the truth is it was hard for me. There was going to be a code breaker winner and competition is so far outside my comfort zone. I knew I had the know

ledge but speed is not my friend. I like to take my time and process my thoughts, organize them and think about things logically before giving answers. In this activity there was no time for.

At lunch, I had a belly ache from being so nervous. I turned to Drew and said “why don’t we just go home.” I am sure you can guess what he said. “No way! You are doing this. It will be FUN!” There’s that 3 letter word again.  At this moment I could think of all the reasons why it wasn’t FUN!!

As we were walking back in to the room after lunch and I saw the room rearranged for “Speed Coding” the knot in my stomach got tighter. I knew I had to just go for it but it was hard. I had my book in front of me with everything I learned and I had my questions all planned out.

Our trainer explained the rules and then it was READY! SET! GO! I felt like I was going to vomit!! But I followed my list of questions and you know what? After a couple rounds I loosened up and I was enjoying myself. I met some pretty awesome people.

The results, we did five rounds and I broke one persons code. SUCCESS!

I was most proud that I stepped outside my comfort zone and did it. Believe it or not I did have FUN!!!

The thing is there is always going to be fear. Fear drives success. In order to reach success we need to constantly push past fear by stepping outside our comfort zone. Fear is a healthy part of success and the fear we do not face become our limits. The magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.

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