I went for one of my long walks today.  About 45mins to get there and another 45 back.  I spend some time with a few of my favorite people, they always seem to put me in a better mood.  They go by the names of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles and Billy Holliday to name a few.

Sometimes music puts me in a better mood, sometimes it’s something else.  When I walked today I realized most of the time the things we stress about work out whether we worry or not.  Doing something that puts you in a better mood or keeps your mind off that problem for just a few minutes is worth doing.

I would say to do something everyday but lets start off slowly.  Do something once a week that you enjoy, something that keeps your mind off whatever you choose to worry about at that moment.

Most of us want a better life, or we want to be happier or healthier. We might talk about it or think about it but we do nothing to change it.    Here is your chance, you can start something right now, today.  Play with your kids, walk your dog, go for a run or listen to music.  I promise whatever you’re stressed about will be waiting when you get back.

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