Success and Failure

So I was recently reading about successful billionaires (sounds exciting I know) but that’s part of my environment. If you read a post or two ago I talked about the importance of your environment. I like history and I like to surround myself with successful people. But more than anything I like to read about how success got to be success.

Once again the Thompson family topped the charts for the wealthiest Canadian family. Now stay with me here, this isn’t about finances nor Canada. I’m not sure many people know the story of this family even if they’ve heard about all the money they have. I’m not going to tell it but I am going to talk about success and failure.

This family’s empire was built by the name of Roy Thompson. Roy dealt with a whole lot of failure early in his life (and I’d imagine later in his life as well). He moved from Toronto to Saskatchewan to start farming but not long after moved home likely feeling like a failure because it didn’t work out for him.

Then he started a business with his brother selling auto parts, which was successful at first but then went bankrupt. See the thing is, if you study any greatly successful person you find epic failure in their history. If you go back far enough, they’ve dealt with failure to an extent most couldn’t dream of, which is why they found success most couldn’t dream of.

Have we heard about Walt Disney and his (at least) 9 time Bankruptcy streak before he found what he was meant to do. Or maybe you’ve heard of Oprah’s upbringing and even how she struggled to make a TV station work AFTER becoming a billionaire.

I work with a lot of people and I ask a lot of questions. So here’s the thing, if you dig deep enough, most people’s greatest fear is failure. We’re afraid to fail. We afraid to get our heart broken (not just from relationships) but from what we set our mind, heart, body and emotions toward, and we’re especially afraid of rejection (in many different forms).

What gets me is, these success stories are open to the public, none of a secret and none or hidden from anyone that wants to understand their success or even their failure. So here’s what I’m reaching out to you today for.

Knowing success doesn’t come with a great deal of failure, why look at failure as such a negative aspect which is only in our mind. Why fear failure, why not look to failure as a friend, as an ally, as something that will take ups closer to our dreams. Because the truth and fact of the matter is, it does.

Michael Jordan missed far more game winning shots than he hit, and he’s thought of as a great success. You can also find unlimited pictures with quotes from him saying ‘I succeed, because I fail’.

Don’t fear failure, embrace, go after it, accept it in your life because if you really want, what you want, you’ll have to be willing to fail to get it.

success and failure