Support Local Christmas Campaign

I know this is far too early for some but I’ve also heard from a few people they’ve already started or are almost finished Christmas shopping.

And if we were to plan, we need some time to organize…in fact I feel like we might be a little behind.

I’d love to put together some sort of campaign to encourage shopping local this year. Maybe some prizes and giveaways, maybe some businesses want to be involved and help out?

How cool would it be to get most of the community shopping local this year!?

My initial thoughts looks like this….

Social media campaigns are great, but the way social media algorythms work now, you have to continually follow and like page posts, comment, etc otherwise posts stop showing up in newsfeeds. And at the end of the day, what do you have left with a ‘like’ from someone that just wants a prize and isn’t really interested in what you do, an ’empty follower’.

I want to make a real change, a real difference. How can we encourage those in the community to shop local. How can we help local businesses get through what could be a difficult season?

And that’s through Sales. Which is the bottom line. Most of us as entrepreneurs love what we do, but we aren’t able to continue to do what we do without bringing sales through the door.


At first I thought, let’s open this up to a select number of businesses that want to be involved. Maybe all don’t? But then I didn’t want to cut out any customers that could/should win a prize for being someone that enjoys supporting local.

So I thought, what if we collected prizes from those in the community – from those businesses that want to contribute. Not all have to, maybe not all want to and some aren’t able to.

But those that want to donate a prize to the winner, we’ll make a huge basket and do one Giant Draw! I thought it would be cool to give away a flight to Hawaii or something like that! But I mean, we’re not in a position to do that and who wants to fly these days aways.

But I do think think the bigger the better. Let’s face it, prizes and giveaway encourage participation like nothing else can. Bigger prizes offer more engagement. So it would be awesome if we could collect as many prizes as possible from local businesses!

What those prizes are, the business would need to decided what they are able and willing to give away.

As for the actual contests…

I thought, what if we had participants go around town in almost a scavenger hunt type of way, they’d go and take a picture of themselves with a business owner or in front of a business and show some type of proof of purchase.

*course you could do this as well with those that don’t have a storefront.

We’d set a number, like you need to purchase from 5 local businesses (and offer proof of purchase), and we enter your name into a draw. They can send the pics in, post on social media, etc.

Questions of concern….

  • Do we have enough time to plan?
  • is there enough local businesses that would want to participate?
  • is this a cool enough idea to get the community involved and participating?
  • What if people wanted to participate but couldn’t afford 5 different purchases??
  • What about network marketing companies, are they welcome to be involved too? Or what other businesses would it be difficult to get involved as ‘supporting local’?
  • Who will help collect donations, who can help track posts of those participating in the contest?
  • This idea was initially meant for Olds, Alberta. But how far do we stretch it to? Calgary, Red Deer, and the small towns in between or just Olds?

Any other questions of concern are welcome, and the floor is open to ideas and suggestions on how to change, alter, make this idea better or how to make it happen!!!