I recently had a similar conversation with a few different people inquiring about ‘how I got started’, (and how they can get started). So I thought my story short story might be worth sharing.

I came back to visit family in between season and traveling the globe. I needed to make money, so I decided to start fitness classes.

I really didn’t know how to use social media at the time (only 10 years ago…imagine :)), so my only form of advertising was posters and word of mouth. I timidly told everyone I knew (which wasn’t many visiting a new town), put up posters, set a date and location.

Supporting those you know

The day finally came, I was incredibly nervous but I showed up (I also considered not showing up). And what I found was not a single person there. Day after day I was there for two weeks and no one else showed up. I sat in the rain waiting, I sat on the swing sets watching cars pass wondering if they were coming to class.

I was actually embarrassed when people walked or drove by wondering if they knew I was waiting for people to show up. Finally on one of the last days 1 person showed up (Krystal Worth – can’t thank you enough). Which gave me hope.

I decided to visit businesses and ask owners if they would encourage their employees to join, maybe a challenge or a group building ‘exercise’. As hard as it was to talk to owners not one agreed, then finally when I almost gave up again, one business agreed (Kids Matter to Us).

About 10 of their employees showed up. I remember how nervous I was. It was raining a bit, a little windy, my program and papers were flying all over the place. But I got through it.

And people driving by started to stop, and my empty inbox that I would stare at wondering if anyone would message started to fill up. We had around 20 class member that summer, and I also started to gain personal training clients.

And that’s my story. It was terribly uncomfortable but I believe if you really want something in life, if it’s worth having or doing you’ll be willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

If I gave up on those classes, I have no idea what I’d be doing, but I’m almost certain I wouldn’t be doing what am now.

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