Athlete Conversation

I recently had this conversation with an athlete a couple weeks ago. I said, when you do _____, your decision to act that way doesn’t just impact your own actions, it impacts how the team is perceived, which carries on to how your coach, and institution is looked at for allowing certain behaviour. This explanation didn’t exactly hit home. They came back with not only reasons why this happened or more so excuses but also, ‘my actions are my own, not of others, I should be able to do what I wa...
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TTR #26: From Collegiate Basketball to Marathon Runner

From Collegiate Basketball to Marathon Runner
Jacob and his family have a farm that grows cranberries, tart cherries, highbush blueberries, raspberries and black currants in beautiful Point Prim, Prince Edward Island. They also own and operate a tile drainage company that installs agricultural land drainage in New Brunswick and in PEI, and Jacob works with his father on both operations. As a former basketball player, he had an invitation-only tryout for Team Canada's National Cadet squad with two future #1 overall NBA draft p...
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Time isn’t relevant at all

Time is a funny thing. It’s relevant one might say. It’s almost comical listening to college students talk about time. Many college students don’t have a job when they’re in school, less college athletes have jobs. Very few have family responsibilities, meaning a spouse or children and the good majority of them go to class 3-4 hrs a day. Let’s pick on College Athletes because I was one. We/they went/go to school for a few hours a day, practice for an hour or two, might study for an hour and ma...
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