The Stress of a homeless mind

the stress of a homeless mind
I want to share this story with you. When I think about how this experience went, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around what actually happened. While walking down the street I hear this noise coming out of a homeless man’s mouth that I couldn’t possibly replicate through words on a page or come close to in my own voice. It was the sound of a loud, near obnoxious laugh, cackle and scream. Now the noise is extended, as soon as it began I turn my head, as the stranger isn’t far from me. I c...
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4 Levels of Pain

4 levels of pain
So I think many of us could be looking for the easy way out at times, I mean it's only natural. In today's day in age most of our children will actually be conditioned to look for quick fixes which is why it's so important to teach other ways to find results. Now we've all heard, without Failure there isn't Success. Or success and failure go hand in hand (there's probably 100 different ways to say it). But I'd like to take that a step further. I don't think it's as easy as, 'BOOM' FAILURE and...
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