In Considering Buying Gifts for the Holidays

I thought about something the other day and I feel like it's more relevant than ever with that big C word coming up quickly with some who have already purchased most of their gifts. In many cases price plays a major factor in deciding whether to buy or not. And I understand that's it's important to consider price but I also wanted to explain what it's like from the other side, maybe for those who create and produce products and services. In most cases, when you take an entrepreneur o...
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Stress Around Giving 

stress around giving
There is so much stress around giving at this time year. How much do you spend, what would someone like, where to find it, will they use it, appreciate it, the list never ends. I suppose I’m thinking, if you really want to make someone happy, if you want to give them a gift they’ll really like and appreciate. Course you could go to any box store, buy an expensive gift and depending on the price, see a big smile across their face. Personally I try to give more thoughtful gifts. Gifts that t...
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