20 Minute Low Impact Workout

Side Lunges 20 Minute Low Impact Workout
Are you tired of all the jumping and hopping when following a certain workout routine? Jumping is considered a high-impact exercise because it helps you lose fat and burn calories faster. Whilst intense workouts are ideal for some people, it's not for everyone, especially for those who have weak joints.  Many people still believe that exercise has to be agonizing in order to reap benefits. Well, it doesn't always have to be. A 20-minute low-impact workout allows you to reap the same benef...
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Why You Should Snack in the Evening

In this post I'm going to telly you why you should snack in the evening. There is all kinds of controversy around this subject, many of us have heard for years we shouldn't eat after dinner. In this short video we talk about increasing your metabolism, burning body fat, how to fight cravings and more. All in which are based around having a snack meal in the evening after dinner. Let's Start with Cravings  One of the main reasons we crave is because we're hungry, our body is lacking som...
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