Our Limiting Mindset

I was working out in one of my favourite places. It’s an outdoor workout area that literally looks over the ocean. An ocean breeze, even an ocean spray on a particularly windy day will cool your workout. On one side is the ocean and on the other side is houses lined up all the way down the coastline with a beach view most only see in movies. The house look over the ocean just as the workout area does. Throughout my workout, I see this giant million dollar house that looks like it’s the size of...
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Improving Your Quality of Life

What if we focused on quality of life instead of paying attention to all the distractions, all the noise and ideas marketing wants us to believe? What if we paid attention to improving our quality of life, and realized what makes us feel better, gives us confidence, even improves our quality of sleep? Instead of counting calories, and stepping on the scale every moment of the day, what if we looked in the mirror and were proud of the person who looked back, what if we put on a new pair of jea...
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The Stress of a homeless mind

the stress of a homeless mind
I want to share this story with you. When I think about how this experience went, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around what actually happened. While walking down the street I hear this noise coming out of a homeless man’s mouth that I couldn’t possibly replicate through words on a page or come close to in my own voice. It was the sound of a loud, near obnoxious laugh, cackle and scream. Now the noise is extended, as soon as it began I turn my head, as the stranger isn’t far from me. I c...
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Changing someone’s mind set

changing someone's mind set
Someone recently asked me, ‘how do I go about changing someone's mind set of someone that thinks the more food they eat, the more weight they'll gain?’.  My answer was, “you can’t’. Because that question comes up quite often, I thought I’d explain it in more details. The fact of the matter is you're really not able to change someone’s mind set. You can encourage, you can influence, you can even show, but no one’s really going to change until they’re ready. Let’s take Brandy from our Monthl...
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The mindset of an athlete

the mind set of an athlete
The mind set of an athlete is built around failure, you may not believe it but you’ll soon understand, this statement holds true.  Failure gives you strength, it builds you stronger than you ever thought possible.  Failure shows you broken limits are possible, that limits are impossible. What’s success without failure, what’s failure without success?  Failure is your friend, it makes success what it is, your achievements, your goals; the sweat and emotion that goes into each workout.  Each ga...
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