Small Daily Improvements are the key to LifeTime Results

Drew and I teach lifestyle change. This stumps a lot of people when we explain what we do. Being in the health and wellness industry most people assume we focus on weight loss but we don't. Our teaching focuses on making small, progressive, positive changes overtime. The truth is most people aren't willing to put in the work. When building a house, before anything can be done there must be a foundation. Then and only then can you begin to build. If we skip the foundation the whole hous...
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Embrace the Struggle

embrace the struggle
So this morning I certainly didn't embrace the struggle. But I made myself get up anyways. I was tired from a long day before, had a great workout yesterday, and although I thought I slept well, I could have easily went back to sleep (which is out of the ordinary because usually when I'm up, I'm up). I'm fortunate to have motivation most of the time. When I wake up I can't wait to get to the gym and start moving my body. Today was different. But again I made myself go but not before some inva...
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