TTR # 24: 3 Steps to Your Best Race Ever

Steps to Your Best Race Ever
Dr. Steve Smith is an orthopedic chiropractor with more than 40 years of experience and an extensive education in chiropractic care. He has had great success helping clients with a diverse range health issues including running injuries, headaches, work related injuries, and motor vehicle accidents. He is able to treat and prevent neck, back and spine injury as well as leg and ankle injury. As an avid runner, Dr. Smith specializes in injury prevention for runners and takes his knowle...
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TTR #7: Diapers, Costumes and Consistency

Jaime Ruiz, 39, is from South Gate, CA and works in El Segundo, CA as a Project Accountantfor a major oil refinery, which is funny because he is an environmentalist who uses his bicycleand public transportation to commute to work daily, including windy, rainy days. After work,Jaime runs along the coast to complete his marathon training before heading home, where helives with his mom, brother and three dogs. Since 2008, Jaime has been running the LA Marathon. He first started training by runn...
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My First Half Marathon

Having any type of half marathon experience was never something I planned on doing. I never considered doing anything that was even remotely involved running a half marathon not even watching, planning or preparing for one. The idea of actually running one certainly was NEVER on my mind. When I tell people I randomly ran a half marathon without training their first response is usually to stare at me with a question mark expression on their face. After they've had time to think about it th...
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