You should have a VERY good idea of what’s in the bottle you are taking

Just yesterday I went to a practitioners office and before I left they recommended some supplements. To be honest, I almost felt obligated to buy. Not that they were pushy, just my own perspective. I thought maybe I'd disappoint them if I didn't purchase their recommendation. Of that they would think I didn't trust them for whatever reason. It turned out when I flipped the bottle around it had an ingredient I don't exactly approve of. Which is the main reason I passed. I wasn't about to d...
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The Difference Between a Protein Isolate and Meal Replacement

What's the difference between an isolate and a meal replacement when it comes to protein supplements. As I often mention, not all supplements are created equally. They aren't all the same. You should decide what your goal is when looking for the right protein supplement for you. Most people think protein is simply for building muscle, which is a myth. Many others think protein supplements are only for those that workout or lift weights, also a myth. I've also heard, 'well I eat meat, ...
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Purchasing a Good Quality Magnesium Supplement

Good quality supplements
What makes True Form's Magnesium more expensive than other Magnesium products?   #1. Let's start off with the environment. We choose glass bottles to reduce plastic. Some people don't care about this but we do. Which is why we choose glass bottles.   Glass bottles are more expensive (to purchase and to ship) and we've had quite a few issues with them breaking during shipping, which means our costs go up.   We could use cheap plastic like many other companies which means o...
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