TTR #15: Losing 55 lbs in 8 months and helping start a running club

losing 55 lbs in 8 months
Michael Weisberg considers running to be more than a passion, but a way of live. He ran his first 5K race when he was seven and ran track & field through high school. After a lengthy hiatus and significant weight gain, Michael started training for his first marathon, the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon. In addition to losing 55 pounds in 8 months, he rekindled his love of running. Since then he has run 9 marathons and over 20 half-marathons. Michael Weisberg: Losing 55lbs in 8 months ...
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Staying Fit While Traveling

overhead squat staying fit while traveling
  Staying Fit While it achievable? Everyone seems to do a lot of traveling these days—and there's a good chance you're one of the people that enjoy traveling as well. Whether it's for business, leisure, or "bleisure"—you know that your daily routine can be easily disrupted when you travel frequently. And perhaps, the hardest thing to stick to is your fitness plan. I know; everyone struggles to do so, at some point. With all the local food that may not be the healthiest ch...
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Another 10-Day Fitness Challenge

We are super excited to put together another 10-day fitness challenge! It's the perfect time to offer a boost of motivation! And get everyone set and ready to crush it this fall with their regular workout routines. Summer can be long and filled with BBQ's, drinks, marshmallows and other treats we don't usually consume. This puts a lot of stress on our bodies in different ways. Also, likely adds a few summer inches as well. So....we'd love to help get you going in the right direction. The ...
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Medicine Ball Exercises

Pushups medicine ball exercise When you hear "exercise ball," you will probably begin to paint a huge inflated colorful ball in your head — like the one usually seen in gyms and Pilates studios. Well, I can't blame you, there are many types of exercise balls you can find out there. And even if they seem to look the same, they sometimes go by different names. Medicine Ball Medicine ball (med ball) is a weighted ball that can be held to do different exercis...
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15-Minute Full Body Burn Workout

In this day and age where everyone gets so overly busy, sometimes it's impossibly hard to fit too many things within a 24-hour cycle. However, being busy doesn't always mean that we are physically active. A lot of people spend too much time sitting at work, whether they are: dealing with paper works, talking with clients, or working in front of the computer. Health Risk Living a fast-paced lifestyle may soon take a toll on our overall health: physically and mentally. Physical inactivity ca...
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20 Minute Low Impact Workout

Side Lunges 20 Minute Low Impact Workout
Are you tired of all the jumping and hopping when following a certain workout routine? Jumping is considered a high-impact exercise because it helps you lose fat and burn calories faster. Whilst intense workouts are ideal for some people, it's not for everyone, especially for those who have weak joints.  Many people still believe that exercise has to be agonizing in order to reap benefits. Well, it doesn't always have to be. A 20-minute low-impact workout allows you to reap the same benef...
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