Thank You for the Likes and Comments

Thank You for the Likes and Comments

Thank you to those that like our posts, comment and participate when you can. It means more than I could say.

It lets us know people are out there listening, and care enough to comment. It helps us understand what you want to hear, see, or read. And it gives us purpose that the work we put in behind our phones and computers are worth the sacrifices in time that we put in day after day, week after week and year after year.

I often hear someone say, “I saw your post on __ , that looked great”. And I think, why didn’t you comment on it? I think most people don’t know it helps us push forward on difficult days on the personal side.

And businesswise, it helps with algorithms, it helps with exposure (the more comments = more likes = more outreach), and it often helps us reach more people and different audiences.

So once again, thank you to those that are always there for us and with us. And if you are silently watching, you’re always welcome to join the party. A ‘like’ or short comment that takes less than moments out of your day, is more appreciated than you know.