Thanks to Everyone that Used the Free Shipping Code

Thanks to Everyone that Used the Free Shipping Code

Thanks to everyone that used the Free Shipping code this past month that we added to our newsletter.

It may sound odd to thank you for using an option that costs US more money πŸ˜‰. But we have a couple reasons why we appreciate this.

A. We want to build our email list, because some people don’t come on FB often, some don’t see all our posts and we don’t want all our eggs in one basket (especially at times when we know accessing social media has been an issue).

B. We know shipping costs you extra as well, it’s not something we make money off of. So we wanted to send an extra thank you to those that continue to order our products and pay the shipping when they do. In this case we wanted to show our appreciation by covering that for you.

C. We’re not just a product company. We care about our customers more than we can say. Which is why we want to continue to show you different ways how your support means so much. Which is why we’ll continue to things like this for our people. It’s also important to us to build our community.

D. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can take advange of our next offer exclusive to those on the email list. You can do that here:

Thanks again to all these people, if you’re still waiting on your order we’ll get to them soon! We had a big couple weeks of orders and we always put orders out as a first come first serve basis. So the sooner you get your orders in the better.

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